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100 tenge equal 1 manat in Turkmenistan

the basic unit of money in Kazakhstan

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Borrower's loan amount of 10 million tenge, including the initial installment, is 7 million tenge, which should pay 50,000 tenge per month.
55 tenge per USD, with a total volume of trades at $70,750 million.
I'm ordering to increase microlending of Kazakhstanis this year by 20 billion tenge compared to last year.
The exchange rate of tenge halved in six months after Kazakhstan's National Bank switched to the floating rate in August 2015.
We believe the current exchange rate of 277 tenge for USD1 reflects the true market value and is the one the country's economy benefits from.
In free float scenario, the value of Tenge will be determined by supply and demand in the FX (forex) market.
Current estimate of the capital expenditure is 113 bn Tenge (US$611m) in 2016, 99 bn Tenge (US$533m) in 2017, 98 bn Tenge (US$529m) in 2018 and 97 bn Tenge (US$524m) in 2019.
The 2013 drilling campaign was focused on converting the upper portions of the Tenge resource block, representing the first 10 to 15 years of the operation, to a JORC compliant Measured category.
Shortly after the announcement, the official rate of the tenge fell to 163.
Dynamics of oil prices will be the main driving force for Tenge exchange rate.
Tenge was halfway through a brief introduction to sandboarding at Florence's Sand Master Park, the world's first sandboarding park and one of the few places in the United States where it's possible to ride a Formica-laminated board down a sand dune.
8 billion tenge ($231 million), a 31% drop as opposed to H12007.
He also noted that the volume of new loans amounted to 830 billion tenge this year, which is 44% more than in January 2017.
Kazakhstan plans to spend more than 226 billion tenge to fight extremism and terrorism the next five years, Kazakh media report.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- Kazakhstan's national currency tenge has strengthened against the US dollar by 4.