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  • verb

Synonyms for tend

be inclined


  • be inclined
  • be likely
  • be liable
  • have a tendency
  • be apt
  • be prone
  • trend
  • lean
  • incline
  • be biased
  • be disposed
  • gravitate
  • have a leaning
  • have an inclination



Synonyms for tend

to have a tendency or inclination

to have the care and supervision of

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for tend

have a tendency or disposition to do or be something

have care of or look after

manage or run

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For income-producing properties, the income capitalization approach tends to be a more thorough and accurate determination of market value and, in fact, well-suited for capturing changes in revenues and expenses resulting from a facade preservation easement donation.
Children with anxiety disorders are sometimes described as "little adults" because they tend to appear much more concerned about the world around them, rather than carefree and enthusiastic, like many children without excessive anxiety.
We do tend to attract the better and the brightest,'' Smith said.
And while there is a long list of reasons why programs fail, somewhere on each team's list should be a note about its composition because across the DoD, our organization and management of people tend to set us up for disaster.
Quad/Hamstring Imbalance: Women tend to rely more heavily on their quadriceps muscle group for primary knee strength and stability rather than create a balance between the quadriceps and hamstrings.
They recognized early-on that an extruder operating in a feed-restricted, or starved condition (where the melt pumping capacity exceeds the feeding capacity) tends to surge badly.
Backup to standard ATA Libraries tends to be extremely fast and easy to implement, but also extremely expensive.
Since there are greater numbers of elderly women and women utilize services more readily, practice tends to be female-centered.
But no, you're no cold rainfall,/more a steady sun, a solid plot/that grows when tended, invites me/to tend, then tends me tenderly.
Without a printed score by which to measure the fidelity of a particular performance, even the most humble performer tends to take liberties with the music and play it "his way" or "her way.
Unfortunately the church in this country, because it is used to dealing with immigrants, tends to look at U.
Probably the most surprising finding is that true inside information--the kind that tends to get insiders into trouble with the SEC--plays at most a minor role in the insider trading decisions of top executives.
A further problem is that the nomadic office tends to do away with the only real reason for having centralized workplaces: direct human interaction, both intentional and casual.
In the process, these writers "took stock of what they tend to call the 'circumstances' of their faith," specifically, the "historical, imaginative, ritualistic, social, epistemological, and natural conditions in which English Protestantism tends to lapse, struggle, and thrive" (1).
Newton was right: a body at rest tends to remain at rest.