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Synonyms for tendril

a young stemlike growth arising from a plant

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slender stem-like structure by which some twining plants attach themselves to an object for support

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Our partnership with SunPower will extend that understanding to include solar, increase engagement and value to energy consumers, and allow SunPower and our utility partners to better serve their customer base with even more personalized programs and services," Adrian Tuck, Tendril CEO, added.
Over time, Tendril will incorporate the Recurve residential energy auditing software and analytics into its cloud platform, Tendril Connect[TM].
Electricity services provider NV Energy declared that it has chosen Tendril to bolster its energy efficiency and consumers engagement efforts.
Tendril CEO Adrian Tuck today is set to announce that the company's cloud platform now provides native support for "Green Button" data--consumers' energy usage data provided in a simple, common, electronic format.
Aiming to reduce power consumption, Tendril has joined hands with Seattle City Light to provide personalized engagement solutions to 50,000 electric heat users.
Tendril's Cloud Platform is First to Connect Consumers With Real-Time Information, Tendril Smart Energy Devices for Automated Control, and Social Gaming App to Deliver Big Savings
Tendril, the provider of the cloud platform for the Energy Internet, is putting more muscle behind its commitment to encourage innovation and the development of third-party applications for the Smart Grid and the Smart Home on its cloud-based platform with the launch of the Tendril Connect Application Developer website and the Tendril Energy Internet and Smart Home App Contest, which begins today with $5,000 worth of prize money.
Tendril will remain in Boulder, in its new office located at 2560 55th Street.
amp; PHOENIX -- Tendril, the provider of the cloud platform for the Energy Internet, will achieve an industry milestone at Plug-In at Grid-Interop this week when its extensible platform is used in conjunction with multiple Smart Grid interoperability standards.
Once the tip catches hold of the molecule, the researchers tug at it repeatedly until all the bonds have broken, like pulling ivy away from a wall, tendril by tendril.
Bayonets Menacing a Flower, 1945 - a black stabile ending in sharp, somewhat dangerous-looking stalks, from which a wire tendril supports at some distance a frail, white mobile "flower" - harkens back to the "mean" Surrealist sculpture of previous decades, such as Giacometti's famous Woman with Her Throat Cut, 1932.
Tendril, the provider of the cloud platform for the Energy Internet, today announced that David Rayner has joined the company as chief financial officer (CFO).
Electric Utility and Cleantech Leader Brings Industry Expertise to Tendril
Good Separation in Soft Blue, 1995, Long's most kitschadelic creation, looks like a lounge suite out of Barbarella: five white cushions surround a blob of pale blue, which seems to have extruded a smaller version of itself on the end of a long thin tendril.
Tendril, the provider of the cloud platform for the Energy Internet, announced today that Adrian Tuck, CEO, and Tim Enwall, founder and CIO, were named the 2011 Entrepreneurs of the Year at the 27th Annual Esprit Entrepreneur Awards.