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Synonyms for tenderness

Synonyms for tenderness

a tendency to express warm and affectionate feeling

a pain that is felt (as when the area is touched)

warm compassionate feelings

a feeling of concern for the welfare of someone (especially someone defenseless)

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Surely not to the Club or to pay calls?" All men seemed so pitiful, so poor, in comparison with this feeling of tenderness and love he experienced: in comparison with that softened, grateful, last look she had given him through her tears.
She then poured forth a vast profusion of tenderness towards her new lover; turned all she had said to Jones, and Jones himself, into ridicule; and vowed, though he once had the possession of her person, that none but Square had ever been master of her heart.
She feared that under this persuasion she had been unjust, inattentive, nay, almost unkind, to her Elinor;-- that Marianne's affliction, because more acknowledged, more immediately before her, had too much engrossed her tenderness, and led her away to forget that in Elinor she might have a daughter suffering almost as much, certainly with less self-provocation, and greater fortitude.
"What's the matter, Joe?" she asked, with a tenderness the power of which to thrill him she knew full well.
"They're going to waltz again," said Stephen, bending to speak to her, with that glance and tone of subdued tenderness which young dreams create to themselves in the summer woods when low, cooing voices fill the air.
The unspeakable suggestions of tenderness that lie in the dimpled elbow, and all the varied gently lessening curves, down to the delicate wrist, with its tiniest, almost imperceptible nicks in the firm softness.
It was more bearable to do without tenderness for himself than to see that his own tenderness could make no amends for the lack of other things to her.
It was Lydgate's misfortune and Rosamond's too, that his tenderness towards her, which was both an emotional prompting and a well-considered resolve, was inevitably interrupted by these outbursts of indignation either ironical or remonstrant.
Accurate and deep knowledge regarding the TMJ anatomy and adjacent region is paramount for optimal diagnosis and proper care.1 TMDs have been documented as a group of patterns of dysfunction of TMJ and their related muscles, dentition and the supporting structures.2,3 The clinical features include tenderness of muscles particularly masticatory muscles, limited range of mandibular movement, clicking sound, headaches, earaches, pain-ful and attritioned dentition.
As we pick up the pieces after these elections and move forward into an uncertain future, perhaps one thing that can help us to heal as a society is what Pope Francis in a 2017 TED Talk calls a 'revolution of tenderness.'
The Stay Tender campaign shows us that "there are many different ways to experience tenderness, focusing on openly showing our feelings and our most tender side, and forgetting about the how and the why."
When the diagnosis is relatively certain, appendicectomy is recommended through a transverse incision at McBurney's point or more commonly over the point of maximal tenderness. (12,13)
Consumers in Chicago and Philadelphia rated Top Choice steaks more desirable for tenderness, juiciness, and beef flavor than the other quality grades; however, Houston and San Francisco consumers were not able to perceive differences in the palatability attributes between grades.
And to do it with such tremendous tenderness and compassion.
The trained panel used descriptive textural attributes to evaluate tenderness characteristics of breast and thigh meat.