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  • verb

Synonyms for tend

be inclined


  • be inclined
  • be likely
  • be liable
  • have a tendency
  • be apt
  • be prone
  • trend
  • lean
  • incline
  • be biased
  • be disposed
  • gravitate
  • have a leaning
  • have an inclination



Synonyms for tend

to have a tendency or inclination

to have the care and supervision of

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for tend

have a tendency or disposition to do or be something

have care of or look after

manage or run

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They tend to put toys in order instead of playing with them, and have a specific topic or object that consumes their interests.
Lead inspector Clive Phillips said: "The report shows that large primary and secondary schools tend to perform better than small and medium-sized schools.
They tend not to worry about whether their behaviour is ethical
"Large employers' needs and sophistication around what they want tend to change every three to five years as the industry creates better alternative solutions," said Humana's Tait.
When your goal is dialogue rather than monologue, your crucial conversations tend to lead to mutual learning rather than dueling defenses.
Demand for these properties tends to be driven by overall economic health rather than interest rates and family size.
Like some of the maverick school leaders in Milwaukee, the education rebels tend to become folk heroes of sorts, and they often have rather complicated power relationships with administrators and union leaders.
For income-producing properties, the income capitalization approach tends to be a more thorough and accurate determination of market value and, in fact, well-suited for capturing changes in revenues and expenses resulting from a facade preservation easement donation.
Recent treatment research has established that medication is more effective for treating ADHD symptoms compared to behavioral interventions and individual psychological treatment--though the latter approaches are very effective for the additional problems that tend to occur along with ADHD.
The relative decline in share is attributed to the fact that these institutions tended to place a greater percentage of their assets in the harder-hit equity markets of 2000-2002 than did individual investors.
And while there is a long list of reasons why programs fail, somewhere on each team's list should be a note about its composition because across the DoD, our organization and management of people tend to set us up for disaster.
It can readily be seen that, all other things being equal, increasing the V and/or D while holding the T constant, would tend to increase the ROA.
Although there are a number of commercially-available computer programs for modeling pelletized plastics extrusion, which can be of great utility in screw design, the cost of the software and the effort and expense required to obtain the numerous compound flow and frictional variables necessary to run the programs tend to deter many processors, particularly the smaller ones.
VTL solutions tend to run faster than even ATA arrays, as no host operating system or file system is required.
Indeed, the treatment of the figures and space in a surprising piece like Gonzalez's Los conocedores (The Connoisseurs; all works 2004) suggests a direct influence through a shared recourse to the Baroque, even though this painting is placed in a contemporary setting, whereas those of Perez Villalta tend to elide specific reference to the present.