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tenants of an estate considered as a group

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Hegelton virtually sang a paean to the English elite for their role in the land reform, more or less ignoring the colonialist motives and effects of that reform, the role of the Irish people in its development, and the fact that it was completed by the independent Irish government: 'the British government handed down the social revolution from above, dispossessing its own client ruling class and transferring its property to the tenantry.
Sutherland, Tenantry of the New York Manors: A Chapter of Legal History, 41 CORNELL L.
The other force was the farm price support program, which stabilized the price of cotton, and eventually resulted in the elimination of tenantry in the South, and a shift to wage labor on cotton plantations.
Flowers were ripped from the bed at Alnwick, close to the town's historic Tenantry Column and Barter Books store, on Sunday morning or afternoon.
The housekeeper's praise of her master, an actively involved estate-owner, who unlike the wandering Harold or Byron spends "'half his time'" at home (248), includes tributes to his sweet temper and generous nature, his well-warranted respect among the tenantry as '"the best landlord, and the best master'" (249), his unselfish devotion to his sister.
The resulting legislation, supposedly passed to secure aid for the suffering tenantry, actually gave the landlords the motivation and the means to remove them.
The tenants concerned were usually from the upper echelon of the tenantry, a point elucidated further below.
In short, this first model of management and tenantry is a precursor of a Dickensian nightmarish bureaucracy.
Blacks still complained of being treated as second-class citizens, cramped into the city and living in run-down tenements on tenantry land.
I AM currently carrying out research into the history of the Percy Tenantry Volunteers, raised at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland in 1798 to counter a possible French invasion during the Napoleonic Wars.
This particularly visual passage takes control of the turbulent and resentful energies that the tenantry had turned against their landlords, and which Gregory had mourned in the early pages of 'An Emigrant's Notebook', and transforms them into the vision of brightness she had sought there.
The labor regime on Palto shifted from direct exploitation to different forms of tenantry that also involved sharecropping.
When tenantry resulted, the lien laws worked to the detriment of large landowners and provided workers the means to escape dependency on their employers, since each debtor had a legal contract that included a right in the gathered crop.
Glass Bottles, boxes, empty cans and other items were discovered discarded at the Tenantry Column in Alnwick, a 19th-century monument to a previous Duke of Northumberland which carries the Percy family's symbol, on Sunday afternoon.
For instance, although Montolieu misses the irony on class in the report of the Elliot family's departure from the area, it is fully rendered in Norwegian: "Sir Walter prepared with condescending bows for all the afflicted tenantry and cottagers who might have had a hint to shew themselves" (36) becomes "With a dignified attitude and ready to administer condescending bows to saddened farmers and tenants who might have had a hint of the appropriateness of turning up on this occasion, Sir Walter was enthroned on the back seat.