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Synonyms for tenancy

period of office


Synonyms for tenancy

an act of being a tenant or occupant

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Deposits on tenancies which began before 1 April 2013 do not need to be protected.
Assured tenancies, as distinct from assured short-hold tenancies, make it very difficult for landlords needing to recover possession of their property.
SCOTTISH Secure Tenancies and Short SSTs were introduced in September 2002.
This first solution would be to eliminate tenancies by the entirety completely.
LANDLORD Assist, the nationwide tenant reference and eviction firm, is concerned calls for longer tenancies in the private rented sector could be harmful to the housing market and lead to a rise in rent arrears.
Two new documents regarding the type of tenancies that are granted by the council and its partner housing associations will come into force if adopted by Durham County Council s Cabinet next week.
This shows a rise in protected deposits from less than a [pounds sterling]1 Billion to well over [pounds sterling]2 Billion, the proportions of deposits protected for all Assured Shorthold Tenancies, and the volumes of deposit disputes.
Most tenancies are assured short hold agreements, which are for a fixed term period.
This increase in the length of tenancies will inevitably lead to greater wear and tear in rented accommodation and fewer opportunities for downtime between tenancies for landlords to make improvements.
When the Farm Business Tenancy Agreement (FBT) was first introduced in 1995 to counteract the problem of landowners being reluctant to rent out land because of the perceived difficulties of dislodging a tenant, tenancies tended to be for short periods.
However, tenancies can now be granted on a periodic (week to week or month to month) basis from the start.
THERE could be as many as 400,000 tenancies with unprotected deposits, according to the website mydeposits.
Under the new Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme, which came into force on April 6, all new deposits for assured shorthold tenancies must be protected.
The Appeal Court backed the claim by Mr Walker, who lived with his mother for the 12 months leading up to her death, that this was wrong, because the concept of secure tenancies and the laws that govern who