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Synonyms for tenableness

the quality of being plausible or acceptable to a reasonable person

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In the course of his study of the Monophysites that summer, Newman for the first time experienced a doubt about "the tenableness of Anglicanism.
Thus the six-year course of Newman's conversion, which began with a seed of doubt about "the tenableness of Anglicanism" (1839), and then took root in two complementary judgments on the truth of the Roman Church (1841), and his duty in conscience to join it (1843), ended in a decision (1845) arrived at by a process of deliberation that reached far deeper into the strata of his self than suggested by his intellectual portrayal of "the history of [his] conversion [as] simply the process of working [the controversy about the true church] out to a solution.
First of all, if it is to be plausible independently of our ascription of it to Frege the tenableness of this principle should not depend upon thesis (2).