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having ten sides

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After everyone is finished, we will throw the ten-sided die once to select which one of the ten decisions will be used.
The examples in Figure 2 show how this might occur in a game seeking the largest three-digit whole number using a ten-sided die numbered 0-9.
Chairs in the 400-seater Hall Two are customised to complement the distinctive ten-sided space.
Penny's main love is growing things from seeds and she has a unique ten-sided greenhouse which was built by a friend's father.
How would the game change if you used a ten-sided die with the digits 0-9?
TEHRAN (FNA)- A ten-sided MOU has been signed between Iran Khodro and nine other domestic and foreign sides to design and develop a series of platforms and products for IKCO.
What name is given to the ten-sided yellow Blanchett win the 2005 BAFTA award for best fruit of the carambola tree?