ten-gallon hat

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a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown


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She ignored the question and pleaded with the man in the ten-gallon hat to stop kicking and prepare for the unknown.
The arresting thing about this photographic image is that her garments are neatly and contrastively accessorized by a gun belt, a shoulder holster, and a ten-gallon hat.
Li'l Strawberry Cowgirl: helmet with sassy strawberry girl in a ten-gallon hat, matching knee pads and strawberry honker horn
WEARING a ten-gallon hat, a cowboy shirt and spurs sharp enough to cause sparks every time he ran about the stage - Jason Ringenberg isn't your average American western singer.
As the show continues, it's time to focus on the energetic gentleman in the ten-gallon hat who's belting out the lyrics to Mystery Train, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Blue Suede Shoes, King Creole and those other classics with such conviction.
A harmonica-playing singer wearing a ten-gallon hat, the music a blend of lo-fi country rock and synthesiser pop - and it works remarkably well.
Gazing round, from under his ten-gallon hat, he said proudly: "Yup, land fit only for Injuns, coyotes and rattlesnakes.
In the movies, an anxious John Wayne fidgeted with his ten-gallon hat at the bedroom door while an officious midwife ordered him to boil water, or Fred MacMurray paced alone in a hospital lobby and stammered charmingly at preoccupied personnel.
15 by paying homage to the iconic ten-gallon hat in the grandest way possible - introducing a White House petition to declare it the national hat of America.
Almost every element here is as familiar as a six-shooter and a ten-gallon hat but that's the point.
I was a cowboy with a ten-gallon hat, big boots, and a bandanna.
Hermes is still a master entertainer, clad completely in black, topped off by his ten-gallon hat.
Cowboy Life: Revisits the actual cowboy experience as well as the myth, featuring historic everyday objects, the Mexican Vaquero, the fancier Cowboy "high style," and the West of Pop Culture, including the ten-gallon hat worn by "Hoss" Cartright from Bonanza.
Instead, he's in beige and brown 70s attire, with a large feathered ten-gallon hat perched atop his bushy coiffure, big moustache and mischievous eyes dominating an eagle-like visage.
Needless to say, by day two Gibbs had bought himself a pair of cowboy boots and a white, ten-gallon hat to add to his large collection of ridiculous headgear acquired in every corner of the globe.