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a person who tempts others

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If we look at the 'best offers' from the tempter, they are all about pleasure, enjoyment, comfort, and luxury.
In response, Jesus quotes Scripture right back at the tempter, thereby refusing to be the devil's brand of messiah.
Towpath Tempter takes place on Saturday September 7 in Welshpool.
Signature pieces: The Serpent Vase first created in 1924, captures seduction, wisdom and fecundity in its undulating grace and shifting surfaces, aptly reflecting the nature of the Biblical tempter in the Garden of Eden.
But home advantage will City them the edge over Arsenal today, and 11/8 odds are attractive enough for a tempter.
And the detested partner probably already knows the love interest of their loved-one, because the tempter or temptress is most likely to be a close friend, a work colleague or an old flame.
But every time the tempter did pop into mind while scribbling, the students had to tick a box.
Psalm 91, which the tempter quotes for Jesus, promises protection and long life to all who love and find their refuge in the Lord.
The devil is much more dangerous as tempter than through extraordinary signs or astonishing external manifestations, because the gravest evil is sin.
The 11-2 VCbet post against the clash finishing 1-1 is a tempter, although those who fancy three or more goals (evens, Extrabet) will naturally prefer Coral.
The principal conceptual thread that holds this interesting book together--in its journey through various cultural domains--is that of Satan imagined as disembodied tempter and subverter.
Based at the University of Cardiff, the tempter has a ready supply of test subjects: 22,000 mostly cash-poor students who, between them, catch up to 80,000 colds a year.
Sara, 32, works for on-line art gallery Britart, as well as co-owning Tempter Interiors in Newcastle with brother Mark Bawden.
If soak-it-up comfort is your scene then look elsewhere, but for those eager for sharp driveability teamed with family-car credentials, this is a genuine tempter.