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It calls for temporary state ownership until such a sale is made.
Abu Rudeineh said: "who accepts a temporary state is the one who gives up the right to return.
The focus of the presentation was not on the details of the regs themselves, but on what companies are doing, both successfully and unsuccessfully, to try to comply with the regs in their current temporary state.
We are now placed under temporary state control," TEPCO President Hirose Naomi said in a statement.
Three days before the expiry of a European Banking Authority deadline for bank recapitalisation to meet capital strength benchmarks, Bank of Cyprus also asked for 500 million euros in temporary state support.
THE Bank of Cyprus (BoC) yesterday requested temporary state assistance to the tune of e1/4500 million after it failed to raise the necessary capital to meet a regulatory shortfall by Saturday due to increased provisions and a further impairment of its Greek bond holdings.
Based on the restructuring plan, the company known as TEPCO will be put under temporary state control and continue to deal with three key tasks -- paying trillions of yen in compensation related to the disaster, scrapping the Fukushima plant's crippled reactors and providing a stable supply of electricity to areas including Tokyo.
8 percent, to 184 yen after industry minister Yukio Edano told the utility's president to consider putting the firm under temporary state control.
5 December 2011 - Rescued Franco-Belgian bank Dexia (EBR:DEXB) said on Monday that it had requested the European Commission to alllow it to draw temporary state debt guarantees agreed by Belgium, France and Luxembourg.
The temporary state aid rules for the banking sector were extended by one year to the end of 2011.
And he also rejected the idea of a temporary state.
Although that was widely interpreted to mean a temporary state, they would not say so explicitly.
In an interview with the daily, Abbas said that "a temporary state is refused and it is impossible to accept it.
Diets are a temporary state of mind and as soon as the diet is over your previous bad habits return.
Earlier this week, an Israeli daily reported that Netanyahu has floated the idea of a temporary state as a way of breaking the impasse.
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