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Among their topics are the temporality of the general will, layers of time in Marx: from the Grundrisse to Capital to the Russian commune, fraternitas militans: time and politics in Ernst Bloch, and "space-time" and power in the light of the theory of hegemony.
While this timely study engages effectively with the relationship of time to consumption--from the consumption of food to the consumption of the written word, and even the consumption of time itself through activity or idleness--there is a clear agenda from the start to elucidate the gendered nature of time in nineteenth-century culture, and the ways in which gender informs temporality.
Commonsensical temporality tends to inhibit processuality on two interrelated levels: on the level of meaning of a signifier, and on the level of reality.
Existential temporality is not necessarily non-linear.
Modernity, for example, has been predominantly linked to the temporality of progress and a future orientation, while the past is ignored or even neglected.
Choe then turns his attention to Fritz Lang's Destiny and the relationship between the film image's temporality (i.
Instead, time is originary temporality and is a basic structure of our existence or being.
Ultimately, as the pioneering studies of Maturana and Varela suggested some forty years ago, Cervantes's Don Quijote reveals much about how humans construct and perceive temporality as embodied experience, and how they integrate those constructions into the perpetual creation and re--creation of worlds/ How does Don Quijote function as source and vanishing point of temporal interplay in Cervantes's novel?
Now, if Robotham had read the chapter on time ("Stranded in the Present: The Ruins of Time") more carefully and patiently he might have noticed better how this preoccupation with the temporality of experience shapes the overall concerns that drive the book--how it recursively connects the opening problematic of tragedy with the later ones of memory and justice.
The temporal mechanism of Husserlian inner time-consciousness is a disengaged pregnant present--for temporality to be adequately spatial, for it to rely upon the perceptual object, the subject must encounter the latter at a contemplative distance.
Two of Tucker's implied premises in his discussion of fatigue--that the temporality of prosody is akin to the temporal experience of labor, and that social and political power is located not just in the content hut in the form of poetry--lay the groundwork for an investigation of a particular kind of social subjugation, which I will call "temporal oppression," and which, I will argue, poetry is particularly well suited to address.
James Gourley's book, Terrorism and Temporality in the Works of Thomas Pynchon and Don DeLillo, published in 2013, aims at showing how both Pynchon's and DeLillo's conceptualization of time changed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and how both reflect that devastating event in their novels through different means.
At the heart of McMullin's account of the sociality of Dasein is the temporality of Dasein.
The world's laws--of temporality, of gravity, of identity--are not so steadfast or "hard" as we may assume; in Seamus Heaney's words, whatever is given can always be reimagined.