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Synonyms for temporal

Synonyms for temporal

relating to or characteristic of the earth or of human life on earth

not religious in subject matter, form, or use

Synonyms for temporal

the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the time of the state or action denoted by the verb

not eternal

characteristic of or devoted to the temporal world as opposed to the spiritual world

of this earth or world

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The frontal branch of the superficial temporal artery runs a tortuous course just subcutaneously, crossing the temple in an anterosuperior direction (Fig.
When the posterior auricular is larger than usual it may be compensating for a deficiency in either the occipital or superficial temporal arteries.
The first paper that we review examines how engagement in goal-related activities changes following temporal landmarks by analyzing archival data.
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: Section II briefly highlights the related work on temporal database.
The Gaps In Noise (GIN) test, created by Musiek [7,8], evaluates the temporal resolution ability, with monaural presentation of several segments of white noise of 6 seconds, which contains 0 to 3 silence intervals (gaps) each.
The calculation of the uncertainty for the temporal stability indicator (denoted as 'U1') is one of the uncertainties associated with the predicted spatial pattern of the temporal stability indicator.
A forty year old female elephant weighing 2500 kg was presented with a large, firm, painless swelling at level of right temporal area.
Every participant accepted all three different experiment treatments of temporal distance.
Temporal extension of the standard conventional (non-temporal) model can be in principle created in two ways - by defining validity and transaction time.
Four weeks after the trauma the patient presented with complete left temporal branch palsy with inability to activate his left frontalis muscle (Figure 2a).
To assist in decision making and to have more information about the nature and extent of disease in addition to ruling out intracranial complications HRCT temporal bone, CECT brain was done which showed extensive bony destruction with intracranial extension.
International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (20th: 2013: Pensacola, FL)
One of the newest methods, temporal artery thermometry, uses the same infra-red technology of tympanic thermometers (Kistemaker, Hartog, & Daanen, 2006; Sandlin, 2003).
Finding the association rules from temporal perspective is quite new to the data mining community.