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a model or standard for making comparisons

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Liquid Adobe Muse template also includes a slideshow widget with custom buttons and high quality preview pictures.
com create ready-made templates for help creating presentations within 30 minutes.
Library View -- provides an alphabetical listing of all element topics on the IFC, and each is hot-linked to the template that is accessed from the corresponding graphical view.
Embedding metadata in the document template ensures that the information can be checked before any deletion action is taken (thereby reducing loss of records) or used to advise that a retention action is needed (thus applying retention to records).
Now that we have a model for the template, save it in the XLStart folder by clicking on File and Save As, making sure to select Template (*.
Having a well-designed template and report specification prior to development can significantly lessen development efforts by eliminating the need for multiple building iterations while the concept of the template is adjusted and tweaked.
Use the standard plug-ins that ship with the Template Toolkit and write custom plug-ins
While a template may be unable to predict exactly when and where a criminal will strike next, it provides information that can help police choose appropriate courses of action.
For the software professional, an Application Foundation Template (AFT) contains a superset of the components, objects, and general functionality typically required to build an application--and offers the benefits of template code re-usability, ease of maintenance, and easy access to metadata.
A number of IE systems, particularly in the areas of news/fact retrieval and in domain-specific areas, such as in chemical and patent information retrieval, have been developed in the recent past using the template mining approach that involves a natural language processing (NLP) technique to extract data directly from text if either the data and/or text surrounding the data form recognizable patterns.
Simply download the template, save it to your own drive, and change the contents or fill in the blanks as much as you like.
Templates provide the design for a website, so to create a beautiful website you only need to add your own content, such as text and images into the template.
today unveiled the Bento Template Exchange, where Mac users can post and browse many real-world uses of Bento, the personal database from FileMaker that's as easy to use as a Mac.
DNA polymerase moves along the template, selecting the appropriate bases and linking them together to form the second strand of the double helix.
First, the small business planner can use any one of a number of spreadsheet software packages (for example, Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, SuperCalc, Quatro) to build his own business planning and modeling program or template.