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Synonyms for tempest

Synonyms for tempest

a violent commotion or disturbance

(literary) a violent wind

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While the Tempest filter claims to utilize a spring retention cup to keep the Tempest spring from coming loose and entering the engine, Champion's filter bypass valves are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested to tight aerospace tolerances to ensure their springs don't come loose; thus, they don't require a retaining device like the Tempest filters.
Later, all three went down to the kitchen and the women rowed when Tempest was allegedly rude about her lover's wife, who Miss Flanagan knew.
Tempest (27) of Winder-mere Drive, Streetly, has denied assaulting Miss Flanagin last May.
Tempest, 27, of Windermere Drive, Street-ly, has denied assaulting Miss Flanagan last May.
The Tempest opened the season and marks William Hutt's farewell.
Terry Tempest Williams is incorrect when she says I invited Vice President Dick Cheney to our campus.
Indeed, just as Bermuda's other top property catastrophe reinsurer, Partner Re, diversified into a global multiline power via its SAFR and Winterthur acquisitions, so Tempest Re isn't likely to lag behind for long.
By William Fellows New York EAI company, Tempest Software Inc is warming up a chair at the EAI table on the back of its Tempest Messenger data transport and translation software that it claims delivers security unique which is unique to this market.
an international networked technology services and solutions company, has introduced the company's new TEMPEST Mobile Workstation.
After several years of waiting, the new reduced Tempest standards promised in 1988 were finally released to industry this past June.
Tempest Telecom Solutions, LLC, a leading supplier of telecom infrastructure equipment and related services to national service providers and network operators, today announced the accelerated expansion of their DAS and Small Cell Division, and the appointment of Darlene Braunschweig in the newly created position of President, DAS and Small Cell Division, to lead this important strategic initiative at Tempest.
For as long as she can remember, surfer Tempest Maguire has been drawn to the water.
In our review of oil filters in the August 2009 issue, we picked Champion's line as the best overall choice in a field where both Tempest and Kelly Aerospace offer competitive products.
Officer Louise Flanagin had been arguing with 27-year-old Hazel Tempest about Dr Hunter's wife, who was away in America, when she was allegedly assaulted.
Loosely based on the 1956 MGM film ``Forbidden Planet,'' which itself was based on Shakespeare's ``The Tempest,'' the musical features special effects, and a live rock 'n' roll band onstage as part of the cast.