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employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modem

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Teleworking brings benefits in the sphere of productivity, greater flexibility for working time of the employee, allows hiring people with outstanding skills and qualifications who do not live near the workplace, reduces personnel costs, reduces pollution, and creates opportunity to continue working in the company regardless of weather conditions.
Teleworkers were requested to indicate their exposure to a number of occupational risk factors while teleworking. This can be seen in table 1.
Magical or not, the fact remains that teleworking generally doesn't work well, because corporations still haven't solved the issues of remote learning, knowledge sharing, or firing up ideas.
To learn what supervisors perceive as the challenges of telework, the authors asked them this: "In what ways does teleworking detract from the effectiveness of your team?" The authors asked the teleworkers to identify any strategies that helped them telework more effectively.
(34) To begin a teleworking project, the telecommuter, supervisor, and approval authority must sign a written telework agreement and complete a telecommuter inspection checklist.
The relationship between teleworking and management for results can be explored through the lens of management control concepts.
According to a synthesis of studies on teleworking, some major companies, including Best Buy, British Telecom and Dow Chemical report that teleworkers are 35 to 40 per cent more productive.
"Teleworking as a concept started in the 1970s during the US fuel crisis when companies told people to work from home to save money," Dr Mustafa said.
The Department has 11,472 employees in telework-eligible positions, but only 2,949 (26 percent) are teleworking.
Washington, Nov 22 (ANI): Teleworking can stress out parents to the point of burnout or exhaustion, as they have to work under a lot of domestic pressure, a new study has suggested.
The Department of the Navy anticipates that personnel will begin teleworking in significant numbers when a new telework policy is released shortly.
As the London 2012 Olympics approach, people are being advised to work from home yet again, but why isn't teleworking already the norm?