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It is worth noting that while television tube manufacturing has largely moved out of Europe, new developments in recycling are taking place here in Wales.
The plant produced 2.5 million television tubes last year; a fall from a peak of three million.
Scores of television tubes have been vandalised and some smashed.
And he added that any future development, such as the Chunghwa television tubes factory in Lanarkshire, coming to Scotland would be able to choose from a variety of sites.
Ah, but there is a special pleasure in the fall of Jackleg Jimmy, for this boy had put himself on sex patrol, denouncing through uplink and downlink on 10 million television tubes that which he was aching to do himself.
The company said the price of its television tubes had slumped 30pc in recent years, while sales had fallen 40pc.
``Firstly, a reduction in demand for the computer tubes we manufacture here in Newport and secondly a traditional, seasonal downturn in orders for television tubes which has become a regular occurrence in quarter two in recent years.
Unionsclaim a leaked document showed the firm was considering switching production of television tubes and monitors to eastern Europe.
It has also sold two kilns to Philips Components for use in the manufacture of television tubes at its Polish plant.
Practically all cause extra exposure to radiation: power plants, television tubes, and radar food irradiators, dental machinery, video display terminals, product scanners, microwave ovens, electronic games, and -- most worrisome of all -- industry's need to replace every possible human function with an electronic "robot."
LG Philips in Durham has recruited 100 staff to build the payroll back up to 850 as it prepares to meet European-wide demand for television tubes.
Stein Atkinson Stordy, of Wombourne, Wolverhampton, has developed an advanced high temperature blakening furnace for heat treating metal parts used in television tubes.