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In February 1924, he demonstrated that a semi-mechanical analogue television system was possible by transmitting moving silhouette images.
"Any landlord who rents out a property which relies on a communal television system must ensure that the necessary steps are taken to make the switch to digital.
The development of video matrix switchers employing microprocessor controllers has facilitated the increased use of closed-circuit television system cameras within a correctional facility.
Silversea Cruises recently announced it is introducing a new interactive television system aboard its ships that will enable guests to view on-demand movies, send and receive email, and book shore excursions in the comfort and privacy of their suite.
on the Crossroads Television System (CTS), bringing an even larger audience in touch with his oft-times refreshing views.
Baird gives the first public demonstration of a television system in the United Kingdom.
The pounds 1million closed circuit television system covers seven towns and has been installed thanks to a massive fund-raising effort by the local communities.
This despite the grave personal danger: "For half a century," he wrote, "anyone who has questioned the American commercial television system has been shouted down as a censor." But nothing could cow the former commissioner, who held before him an impregnable shield: "I believe the public interest requires us to ask what we can do for our children."
Johnson, an attorney and former owner of a cable television system in Columbus, Ohio, purchased the money-losing River Rouge Savings Bank in 1989.
is set to participate in a test that will enable consumers in a section of Florida to shop for drug store merchandise at home by using an interactive television system far more advanced than current home shopping networks.
Japan's industrial-policy consortium also has failed to produce a high-definition television system competitive with that developed by General Instrument Corp.
This will ultimately allow the public television system to migrate from satellite file delivery to a next-generation terrestrial broadband-based file delivery platform, the companies note.
Televisa is a cable operator in Mexico and a direct-to-home satellite pay television system in Mexico.
A television system aimed at tackling crime and improving community safety was launched today.