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a star in a television show


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Mumbai, March 23 (ANI): Indian co-stars who worked with British television star Jade Goody in the Indian version of 'Big Brother' called 'Big Boss', recall the short time spent with her and pray for peace to her soul.
The 27-year-old reality television star was operated on after being plagued with crippling stomach pains.
TELEVISION star Kelsey Grammer has got into a legal stew over his new kitchen.
Ryan Sheckler, famed skateboarder and television star, has been chosen as the newest face of Proactiv Solution.
McManus topped the wrestling bill at St James's Hall in Newcastle and went on to become a television star.
Whether you're a member of Congress, a television star, or a preacher on the evangelical right, at any minute someone might reveal the truth about you, and the news will sweep around the globe almost instantaneously.
Rooney seems to believe the television star was too imperious in her book club's first incarnation, taking her readers to her novels on her (emotional) terms, not on those set by the works themselves.
Current tenants are benefiting from the area's retail destinations, including world-famous chocolatier and Food Network television star, Jacques Torres' new chocolate factory and shop at 350 Hudson Street and EN, a popular Japanese restaurant chain in Asia, which opened its first US location at 435 Hudson Street.
The director of the spectacle is also an Italian television star, Ela Weber.
LEE CHAPMAN, the husband of injured television star Leslie Ash, has been arrested over an allegation of assault by her sister, Debbie, 47 Debbie is said to have claimed the ex-footballer battered her after a birthday party at a London bar in June 2001.
Television star Des Lynam, a lifelong Brighton fan, led the group.
In Anna Louizos's evocative set, it's a neighborhood of dilapidated two story townhouses populated by whimsically assorted New Yorkers--immigrants, recent college grads, minorities, a blonde femme fatale named Lucy the Slut, a hairy porn addict named Trekkie Monster, even a former television star who's had a precipitous slide down the economic ladder.
But demographics haven't stopped graduates like television star Regis Philbin, film director Martin Scorsese and Turtle Wax CEO Denis Healy from contributing to the Catholic school.
Men, for example, choose Jay Leno as their favorite television star while women say their favorite is Ellen DeGeneres.