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someone who reports news stories via television

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Language lovers have a wonderful, new book to embrace, Do You Speak American?, written by Robert MacNeil and William Cran, one of the retired PBS television newscaster's fellow authors (along with Robert McCrum) of the 1986 The Story of English.
A New York City television newscaster named Gabe Pressman walked up with his crew for a scheduled interview with the manager of the Amazin' Mets.
Shannette told the June 1 Miami Herald with a smile that, in addition to her family, her school friends would soon know of her heroics, since "I'm going to tell everyone." The paper described her as "intelligent, well-spoken and unusually poised for her age," noting that she "wants to be a television newscaster."
Birthdays: Posh Spice Victoria Adams, 27; Warwickshire CCC chief executive Dennis Amiss, 57; American film director Francis Ford Coppola, 61; television presenter Sir David Frost, 61; former BBC Television outside broadcasting head and Welsh rugby union international Cliff Morgan, 70; television newscaster Martyn Lewis, 55; actor Ian Richardson, 66; actor Andrew Sachs, 70.
The television newscaster, whose caustic journalistic attacks have won him admirers and detractors, believes he was singled out by the media because of his television fame.
An NBC television newscaster in 1988 described a teenager named Mike who, though raised in a poor family with no father, became captain of his track team and won a college scholarship: "He has a quality of strength and I guess it has a genetic basis." David Gelman's 1991 Newsweek article, "The Miracle of Resiliency," explained how poverty, physical impairment, or abuse affects children: some kids have "protective factors that serve as buffers against the risks." They have "natural resilience" or "built-in defenses." It is the "genetic luck of the draw."
However, he has had his own upsets, including failure to make compulsory pension payments which cost him DPJ leadership in 2004 and six years earlier when, as a married father of two, he was obliged to deny an affair with a television newscaster.
The final showdown between Spider-Man and the two villains is a crushing disappointment, laced with unintentional comedy thanks to the running commentary from a plummy British television newscaster, and shameless flag-waving from Raimi, juxtaposing his hero against a fluttering Stars And Stripes.
FOR my money he was the best television newscaster the BBC ever had - and he did the job for nearly 30 years.
And he has been honoured for his skills both on the road and in the studio - he was named Television Journalist of the Year in 1986 and Television Newscaster of theYear in 1996.
Mrs Pearson, 51, who was a former television newscaster under the name of Lynette Lithgow, lived in Northwich, Cheshire.
And now television newscasters have adopted Dzyubas trade-mark salute to sign off after news broadcasts.
But the television newscasters speak in a military language of machines and bombs that is foreign to me, linking me against my will to army communication networks.
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