television equipment

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electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves representing images and sound

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to lease film $7 million in film and television equipment in exchange for half the company's profits over five years.
The ITC hopes that the Easy TV workshop will encourage design stu-dents to think about creating products for consumers that focus on improv-ing the usability of digital television equipment.
8 million has been spent upgrading RaceTech's television equipment from analogue to digital, in order to carry out the two major contracts negotiated in the last year.
The Personal Role Radio (PRR), introduced by Television Equipment Associates, of Brewster, N.
That could put at risk the final race in Japan on October 14 if the nine jumbos or wide-bodied planes that are needed just to carry the digital television equipment and the cars cannot get out of North America and on to Suzuka.
surveillance, field investigation, and emergency management coordination); and establishment of a command center by reserving conference rooms and installing telephone, computer, and television equipment.
Legend Airlines has delayed the commencement of scheduled services due to problems with the installation of satellite television equipment and steam ovens on its fleet of McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft.
an employee-owned company that manufactures and repairs cable television equipment for cable system operators, chooses to rely on its open corporate culture, in which employees feel comfortable asking questions, to educate people on an ongoing basis.
You have practiced telemedicine, but you did it with personal computers and multimedia electronic mail, rather than expensive television equipment and production personnel.
Interview rooms might need to be remodeled to accommodate video equipment, which could consist of high-quality consumer products or professional television equipment.
com/research/19a629/the_2011_import_an) has announced the addition of the "The 2011 Import and Export Market for Transmission Apparatus for Cordless Telephones and Wireless Telegraph, Radio Broadcasting, or Television Equipment in Yemen" report to their offering.
Contract notice: maintenance and repair of cable television equipment for all non-cabled residences of sa les rsidences yvelines essonne - 2 lots.
Council chiefs admitted spending just over pounds 1 million on importing hi-tech television equipment from America, building a plinth in Victoria Square and fighting a high court injunction brought by the owners of Waterloo House offices who were concerned about noise from the screen.
ValCom will lease $7 million in film and television equipment for one dollar.
A recent poll shows a quarter of small businesses that use television equipment at work either think they do not need a licence or are not aware they do.
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