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Synonyms for television

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Note the last requirement: All devices that connect to a television and have the capability to receive broadcast signals must also include a DTV tuner.
The attack on television violence is, at least in part, an attack by the upper classes and their partisans on popular culture.
Still in its infancy, television is set to explode in usage and influence in the new millennium as an integral component of a wider telecommunications industry, the largest growth industry in the later part of the 20th century.
In the fine tradition that is television, success has made way for more of the same.
Kopper and her colleague, director Andras Solyom, reported on phenomena as diverse as the building of hundreds of underground Soviet television bunkers during the Brezhnev era ("Bunker TV in Lithuania") and the home-video archive of well-known Hungarian writer Mihaly Kornis, who observed: "You can't trust television.
Adatto's new work is sometimes a frightening reminder of how easily we can be influenced by the images generated by advertising, still photography, and the movies; but, to me, her most pertinent observations are still about television campaign coverage.
TV Guide readers will recognize Jewelry Television ads and "Get Red Carpet Ready" sweepstakes information in the February 12th, 19th and 24th issues.
When television journalists report the latest carjacking or the murder of a 6-year-old, the report is singular, disjointed, one report among others that bear no relation to one another except thai for that day someone has decided that they constitute "news.
We adopted our corporate 'ION' brand last February, based on the ubiquity of 'ION' within so many words in our business and plans - including most notably televisION itself, as well as key TV success factors like 'motion', 'fiction', 'imagination', 'education', 'action', 'innovation', etc.
DIRECTV received the award for innovation in television sports interactivity for its NFL SUNDAY TICKET[TM] service and its enhanced game function that gives customers detailed player and team stats, real-time scores and live updates from other games, as well as a game mix feature which gives viewers the ability to watch eight games at once on a single screen.
ChannelVista[TM] is Xceive's advanced picture-in-picture (PIP) television technology providing multiple-PIP capabilities allowing the viewer to watch up to 12 video channels simultaneously around the main channel.
Trials of both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) digital television will start in January next year.
TANDBERG Television (OSE:TAT) and NBC announced today that the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards telecast will provide audiences with exclusive, live behind-the-scenes access via unique broadband TV interactivity and immerse television fans in the awards ceremony like never before through its "NBC Emmy Awards Interactive" application.
These encoders establish new performance levels for the compression industry, coupled with unmatched flexibility, enabling broadcasters and operators to enhance their services across the entire video distribution chain," says Eric Cooney, President and CEO of TANDBERG Television.
During the quarter TANDBERG Television exhibited its integrated compression, on-demand and interactive solutions and delivered addresses at over 15 industry events in Asia, Europe and North America.