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Synonyms for telescope

Synonyms for telescope

crush together or collapse

make smaller or shorter

References in classic literature ?
Before they had had time to traverse the "Corridor" and reappear, twilight was come, and the power of the telescope was at an end.
A frightful tragedy was once witnessed through the Chamonix telescopes. Think of questions and answers like these, on an inquest:
At last, toward eleven o'clock, the people who were looking through the telescopes cried out "There they are!"--and sure enough, far up, on the loftiest terraces of the Grand Plateau, the three pygmies appeared, climbing with remarkable vigor and spirit.
This innocent magic, the fruit at the same time of child-like musings and of manly genius -- this patient untiring labour, of which Boxtel knew himself to be incapable -- made him, gnawed as he was with envy, centre all his life, all his thoughts, and all his hopes in his telescope.
Sometimes, whilst covering Van Baerle with his telescope, he deluded himself into a belief that he was levelling a never-failing musket at him; and then he would seek with his finger for the trigger to fire the shot which was to have killed his neighbour.
He laid down the telescope and scrutinised the newcomer.
Is it against the law to use a telescope in Portsmouth?"
In the middle of the hut a flat stone served the purpose of a table, and upon this stood a small cloth bundle--the same, no doubt, which I had seen through the telescope upon the shoulder of the boy.
For, although their largest telescopes do not exceed three feet, they magnify much more than those of a hundred with us, and show the stars with greater clearness.
NASA released a time lapse of workers (video below) preparing the James Webb Space Telescope and rolling it into the cryochamber at Houston's Johnson Space Center, where it was ( chilling for a few months , including ( as Hurricane Harvey pounded Texas .
The Arecibo Observatory (305 m), for instance, recently ceded the distinction of world's largest single-dish radio telescope to China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, or FAST (500 m).
Incorporating a prism within the telescope adds weight and depending upon the type of prism or prism system used will impact upon the physical design of the telescope and image quality.
Different telescopes adding to the venture includes the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica, the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope in Hawaii, and the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in the desert of northern Chile.
Why Is It Good That Hubble Is A Reflecting Telescope?