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replace The Current Voip Telephone System And Handsets With A Modern Voip
An innovative Midland telecoms company is bucking the trend of the downturn with a business expansion programme based on its in-house-developed digital telephone systems.
The government supported the latter argument by reasoning that all long-distance services require access to local telephone systems to originate or terminate the transmissions.
Forward-looking statements in this press release include that while our technology fits with virtually any type of economy, it represents an inexpensive method to introduce highly economical long-distance calling to emerging nations who do not have the resources required to build a hard-wired infrastructure; and the NP Soft Switch IP telephone system enables users to access Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) services allowing customers to use the system to make telephone calls to anyone in the world at a much lower cost than standard telephone rates.
Continuant operates a nationwide telephone system and maintenance service business out of its Washington state-based headquarters.
Callers to telephone systems without dial-on-hold can become "trapped" when placed on hold, often requiring them to hang up and call again.
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has awarded the company a contract for the nationwide deployment and operation of the next-generation federal inmate telephone system.
designers and developers of converged broadband voice, video and data platforms, today announced that Canadian-based Bruce Municipal Telephone System (BMTS/BMI) has selected their IP-enabled Service Convergence Network (SCN(TM)) solution to deliver next-generation broadband services to their customer base of 15,000 existing telecom subscribers.
The introduction of the XTS-IP product family brings to market the Nomad RSGM (Remote Services Gateway Module) that allows users at remote locations to become fully-functional extensions of the host telephone system, extends more IP services to remote locations and creates added opportunity for companies utilizing IP services to further reduce toll charges and overhead.
Eschelon's new business telephone system product set is comprised of flexible solutions to fit the telecommunications needs of any small to medium-sized business.
The telephone system can then provide a visual indication for other terminals within the system that a person is near their terminal.
Inter-Tel shares our philosophy in providing our customers with comprehensive communications solutions through value-driven products and services," stated Scott Bussey, Regional Director of Business Telephone System Sales.
The TekTone[R] Tek-MICRO[R] II nurse call system is fully integrated with SpectraLink wireless telephone systems, on-site UHF radio pocket pagers and PBX/analog telephone systems.