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(philosophy) a doctrine explaining phenomena by their ends or purposes

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[F]or a teleologist, the moral quality or value of actions, persons, or traits of character is dependent on the comparative nonmoral value of what they bring about or try to bring about....
(7) But Martha Nussbaum challenges the very idea that virtue ethics is a distinct third category since both deontologists and teleologists argue the importance of the virtues, Kant himself writing an entire treatise on the subject, The Doctrine of Virtue, Part II of The Metaphysics of Morals (1797), that has only recently been given fuller attention.
qualifies as a teleologist. Spinoza's ethics may be construed
(3) If, as the teleologists claim, the harmony of the world is reflected by mutual adaptation of organisms to one another and to their environment, and if these adaptations must adjusted continuously to cope with the changes of the earth, and with the restructuring of the faunas owing to extinction, what final causes could there be to govern all these ad hoc changes?"
Even teleologists committed to humanist principles, but who believe that an invisible hand guides human destiny to a transcendent omega point, qualify.
Schneewind attempts to preserve the contrastive reading of Kant as deontologist and the ancient Greeks as teleologists by criticizing two recent attempts (by Guyer and Herman) to read Kant as appealing to the value of a rational will and by contrasting Kant's appeal to respect for the moral law and Stoic appeal to the perception of natural goods.
When teleologists put Alpha in their almanac, Omega danced.
They tend to be teleologists, believing that deception is a personal matter to be decided on by the individual.