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So here, it seems, Socrates is, after all, a teleologist. The argument even seems to anticipate the Platonic argument that Plato appeals to in defense of justice at the end of Republic 4.
According to teleologists, rightness is defined in terms of nonmoral
I will proceed as follows: First, I explain how the teleologist interprets the analogy.
[19] Furthermore, Aristotle is not a teleologist in the sense expounded by Kantians such as Rawls, for he does not justify oppression by arguing for the maximization of some state of affairs teleologically justified as best.
But Dan has demonstrated once again that it is hard to graduate from a Christian Brothers Military Academy without remaining a card-carrying teleologist, even if you have gone to Harvard and left behind other features of the Catholic intellectual legacy.
If, in the trio of actends-circumstances, you lay emphasis on the end, it labels you a "teleologist" or a "consequentialist," and off to the inquisitorial dungeon you go.
The teleologist can admit to having no analysis of the crucial teleological connectives.
The teleologist's reply is of course not hard to imagine.
"Darwin Was a Teleologist." Biology and Philosophy 8:409-21.
This paper claims that a teleological account of action explanation can answer Davidson's challenge, but it argues further that if the Davidsonian challenge is a problem for the teleologist, then it is equally a problem for the causalist, and thus cannot serve as an argument for causalism.
(86) This has been the subject of an engaging debate between James Lennox and Michael Ghiselin, indicated by the titles of their respective articles: "Darwin was a Teleologist," Biology and Philosophy 8 (1993): 409-21, and "Darwin's Language may Seem Teleological, but his Thinking is Another Matter," Biology and Philosophy 9 (1994): 489-92.
In thus focusing on an agent's antecedent desires and beliefs, the "teleologist" avoids the troubling question of the inference from operations of the brain to mental states.
Egoistic teleologists consider consequences to oneself rather than to others.