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someone who transmits messages by telegraph

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Reilly worked for Southern Pacific Railroad as a telegrapher and later as a computer programmer and trainer for 18 years.
The publication also listed Newberry businesses, which included the typical firms and trades, such as postmaster, mason, general store, shoe maker, plumber, hotel proprietor, machinist, carpenter, veterinarian and druggist, sawmill operator, telegrapher and express agent, grocer, and butcher.
Tasker, while Florence's father was Civil War telegrapher William Apple-baugh and her grandfather was a physician.
McFarland accurately describes Clemens's compulsion to invest in hare-brained schemes that the writer expected would enrich him but that instead gobbled his hard-earned money (a typesetter, a steam generator, a steam pulley operator, a marine telegrapher, an engraving processor).
Telegrapher operators provided data about earthquakes so that this could be published in monthly bulletins once a telegraphic network had been set up [8].
Edison got his start as a teenager as a railway telegrapher.
Navy during World War II and was a welder for Great Northern Railroad, a telegrapher for Northern Pacific Railroad, a border patrolman and an immigration officer.
school, and host family, when her mother, Rosa, runs off with Archibald Denney, the replacement telegrapher.
35) This ten-year rule was first discovered in 1899, when Psychological Review published a study showing it takes ten years to become an expert telegrapher.
Even though the final time trial stage has proven decisive for the overall standings in three of the past five Tours, such a scenario appears unlikely this year few riders will have the legs to give their best after six high mountain stages in nine days, and certainly not right after having faced three of the iconic Alps climbs (Col due Telegrapher, Col du Galibier and Alpe d'Huez) all in one day.
Born in Hythe, England, he came with his family to "small and depressing" Halifax in 1913, survived the famous 1917 Halifax Explosion, trained as a telegrapher and laboured as an accountant at Liverpool's MacLeod Pulp and Paper Company.
Born at Mazeppa, Minnesota, on August 28, 1880, Judge Chesebro was bereft of his parents at an early age, and at eighteen was earning his living as a telegrapher on the Minneapolis & St.
As befitting these literate occupations, journals and manuals proliferated, including the Telegrapher, published from 1864.
As a teenager, I worked for the Union Pacific on the main line in Idaho as a telegrapher when all the young men were called to war.
It shows how to put Maxwell equations in the form of generalized telegrapher equations and how to arrive at the classical transmission-line theory.