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a conference of people who are in different locations that is made possible by the use of such telecommunications equipment as closed-circuit television

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When it is well executed, video teleconferencing duplicates the psychological advantages of face-to-face contact.
Although the means for simultaneously transmitting both audio and video have long existed, the use of high-capacity, digital telephone lines has expanded the applications of two-way teleconferencing, while keeping costs relatively low.
Teleconferencing offers a creative alternative to expensive travel and lost time.
Major teleconferencing users have also gotten into the act.
We pride ourselves in providing the industry's highest-quality conferencing services, which is one of the reasons that AT&T has opted to extend its relationship with us," ACT Teleconferencing President and Chief Executive Officer Gene Warren stated.
TeleSpan was founded in 1981 as an industry analysis firm covering the field of teleconferencing.
Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE, said the service was designed to simplify the process of teleconferencing by allowing any business, regardless of size, to conduct a conference at their convenience, 24/7, without having to schedule the conference first.
TeleSpan's user survey results will be presented at the conference, along with speakers from M&M Mars and Pfizer, two survey participants, who will join via audio conference services provided by ACT Teleconferencing (Pink Sheets: ACTT) (www.
The "Why Reliability Matters" study concludes that buyers of teleconferencing solutions should now consider the cost of reliability and devise contracts with conferencing service providers to ensure maximum business value and minimum business loss.
In this exclusive partnership, Greater Calling teams with the GDOP organization to provide access via teleconferencing services for a record 2 million people to join in a worldwide prayer event on May 15, 2005.
Given the influence Elliot Gold's TeleSpan has had on our industry, we view this recognition as validation of our strategic vision and unwavering commitment to supplying customers with the very best in teleconferencing solutions.
com), the leading provider of Internet based investor communications, today announced the addition of teleconferencing services to its suite of products.
Forum Communications International, developer and provider of advanced conference bridge technology, has selected teleconferencing industry pioneer and mainstay Harry R.
By using our fully featured CONTEX(R) teleconferencing bridge, ACT will remain at the forefront of providing Internet conferencing services globally.