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As an individual activity, the CMA has advantages for less-experienced online students, most of whom may still be learning how to telecommunicate effectively with their peers and instructor in online learning environments.
As a fledging lawyer in the late 80s, the only means available to me to telecommunicate with other attorneys was through a volunteer-operated relay system where I would use my TTY to call someone who would assist in my call by voicing my typewritten message to the telephone user and vice versa.
The word grotesque comes from the Italian grotta, a cave, a place where the fantastic and bizarre might occur; this is an exact description of the internal landscape of a TV-cave, where two hermits telecommunicate.
Surgeons were even able to send patients with complex orthopedic repairs to the mountains, knowing that staff would be able to telecommunicate about the patients" status and any postsurgical problems that arose.
Wouldn't it be nice to forget about crosswalks and walk lights and handicapped parking and air-quality emissions when one can telecommunicate with one's providers?
Through this project, students will be able to telecommunicate with other schools and local ecological experts where they will use the equipment to produce a multimedia encyclopedia that shows the different structures and habitats of local stream macroninvertebrates.
There is a catch to all of this, and it is that certain key people just won't learn to telecommunicate.
To me, the ability to fully telecommunicate with our clients, using voice and face-to-face communication, across the miles, has tremendous potential.
Authors will give you lectures in AVI video, you'll go to labs to try out programs and take tests, telecommunicate with other people taking the same course, and finally get a diploma printed out when you have passed the course exams.
Students who telecommunicate with their fellow students around the world are less likely to accept the stereotypes fostered by their communities and governments.
Such strides have enabled many people to use personal computers at home in a solitary environment while at the same time affording them opportunities to telecommunicate with others all over the world.
And as of this writing, the chain was about to initiate the changes at headquarters, and then telecommunicate them to the store units, to complete the linkup.
It is the duty of the government to see to it that the people who have no access to the telecommunication system be given the opportunity to enjoy the right to telecommunicate, he said.
Which should take precedence-the people's right to telecommunicate or their right to protection of their lives?
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