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Regarding the presence of starch, the PAS reaction indicated the presence of a small number of granules in the seed tegument of both species at 25 DAA (Figures 4A and 5A).
After 24hrs incubation with 20 [micro]g/ml ethanolic extracts of Calligonum comosum plant, the oral and ventral suckers appeared to be more swollen tegument than normal Fig.
During the clinical examination we encountered a generalized cutaneous xerosis associated with intense itching papular erythematous eruption of the teguments in the facial and cervical area (Figure 1), the trunk, more pronounced in the flexion folds (inguinal region) (Figure 2), extension surfaces, and a cradle cap (retention of hyperkeratosis) on the vertex of the scalp (Figure 3).
2 towards various shrimp primary cultures and hemocytes was demonstrated, showing that both have a significant cytotoxic effect, especially against hemocyte and tegument cells (Fig.
05) in the hue between treatments of the cooked fish are shown, but all treatments are the same as the control group, and therefore it could not be demonstrated that a connection exists between the supplied lycopene in diets with proteins in the tegument of the fish.
0 mm, usually of dark colors, and the tegument of some species with yellowish or orange areas.
Tegument entirely corrugated, with several small tubercles, including basilars on basis of wings, near ocular area, and associated with abdominal spiracles in subspiracular position.
Activite biologique d'un biopesticide le Green muscle sur le tegument du criquet pelerin Schistocercagregaria (Forskal, 1775) (Orthoptera, Acrididae).
The presence of the perivascular inflammatory infiltrate might be linked to the intense antigenic stimulation produced by the application of mud on the entire tegument.
This molecule, localized in the tegument, protonephridia and the female reproductive system (13), is one of the schistosome vaccine candidates (14) under evaluation in our laboratory as part of a multi-component synthetic peptide vaccine.
The queens for selling have to correspond to the following standard in order to receive a certification: (a) the maternal genealogy well established by registers; (b) to be mated; (c) to be identified by individual marking sign applied on thorax with the year color; (d) to have a normal conformation of body without anatomical problems -wings, legs, abdominal deformation; (e) the colour of the tegument have to be characteristic to local population-Apis mellifera carpatica--grey dark ; (f) the weight--minimum 200 mg; (g) the presence of eggs and disposal of brood; (h) without any infestation signs for parasites--this is especially required also for the accompanying bees in the cage; (i) to be hatched in the delivering year.
The capsid is covered by a proteinaceous matrix called the tegument, which is surrounded by a lipid envelope derived from host cell trans-golgi membrane (7) (Figure 3).