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a plaything consisting of a board balanced on a fulcrum

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That's split up over Thursday, Saturday and Monday for house troupe acrobats, so we're not all doing heavy trainings two or three days in a row" with trampoline one day, teeterboard another, latex/bungee acrobatics another.
He would pose an ensemble of horse wranglers, canvasmen, ticket takers, candy butchers, teeterboard tumblers, "web-sitters" (the guys who hold the ropes for the ballet girls who climb up them and twirl), and limelight daredevils, or the bosses and moneymen.
The men and women holding hands in the center ring to take a bow after manipulating their bodies on the teeterboard were probably foreigners, and might not even be married to each other--and God knows where they slept.
Chipperfield's elephant acts also involve several riveting tricks, but perhaps none more exciting than the Terrifying Teeterboard Takeoff, in which one elephant strikes the teeterboard with its foot, sending Mr.
Jules, teeterboard acrobatics from the Alvarez Family, the risley (foot-juggling) act of the Anastasini Brothers, and Queen of the Air Dolly Jacobs.
Another commercially manufactured vibration platform, which has a teeterboard produces side-alternating vertical sinusoidal vibration (SAV) (30 Hz maximum) to the body (e.
Another highlight was Bello bringing two boys from the audience to participate in a teeterboard stunt.
The teeterboard, where the acrobats are propelled up onto one another's shoulders, is performed here entirely by women.
The Palazovi teeterboard troupe raises the bar on balance by performing a rarely attempted five person tower reaching an astonishing three stories in height.
Jules, the daring teeterboard acrobatics of the Alvarez Family, world-renowned risley act stars the Anastasini Brothers, and the magnificent "Queen of the air," Dolly Jacobs.
Instead, it keeps its focus on a troupe of 35 Chinese acrobats, half of them children or teen-agers, who leap, dive, somersault, skip, teeterboard and tumble their way through routines that look more difficult than half the events in the Olympic decathlon.
Since then he's been training five days a week, learning everything from the trampoline to the stilts to the teeterboard.
Using trampolines, teeterboards and catapults, they risk all to entertain.
Come enjoy Kris Kremo, lauded as the finest solo juggler alive, Fumagalli, international star and clown prince of the world, Cong Tian and his incredible balancing feats on a slim slack-wire, the astounding Kovgar Troupe, rocketing to the top of the tent from their teeterboards, and of course our beloved Grandma the Clown (Barry Lubin).