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abundantly filled with especially living things

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The president conveyed the programmes of the union which include youth development initiatives to achieve a united and formidable resource, a worthy legacy of the Owu Nation; involvement in cooperative society to assist and empower the teeming members.
He said,"The biometric of the state's workforce will also ensure effective and qualitative workforce and also create employment opportunities for our teeming unemployed youths in Borno state.
Up to 500 mourners watched as the hearse carrying his coffin arrived at the church during a welcome pause in the teeming rain.
It initially looked like Teeming Rain would return to Exeter for today's Elizabeth Finn Care-sponsored handicap (3.
Teeming Rain had been trained by Charlie Swan earlier in his career and was sent off the 3-1 favourite for the Eider Chase at Newcastle in 2007.
Create an oasis that is teeming with life in your own backyard.
The story has a chase scene (carriages through the teeming streets of London), secret rooms in a mansion, the dark arts, ventriloquism, death by gunshot, and the escape of the murderer to New Orleans.
2 Hong Kong Arts Festival February 9-March 12 As a teeming center of life and commerce, Hong Kong recognized the need for a citywide celebration of culture in 1973.
Their stories aren't infomercials or get-rich-quick schemes; they're genuine personal perspectives teeming with indispensable lessons and tips.
Some of the changes in these locales are grimly familiar, because they stem from the effects of pollution, overdevelopment, and invasive species on areas once teeming with diverse wildlife.
Fortunately, other trends are quietly forging their way through our culture, like biodynamic farming, rooted in an intention to follow the rules of the soil to grow food that's teeming with aliveness.
Famished, it appears, as the rusty hulks of Chinese vessels--arrested for fishing illegally off Peru's teeming coast in November--attest.
Odysseus' Last Stand: The Chronicles Of A Bicycle Nomad his his account of his adventures as he bicycled through obscure countries and foreign cultures, taking in all the sights, sounds, and teeming life that can be viewed from the slower and more intimate pace of a bicycle.
Other than some rusty relics of the Pacific War, there is nary a weapon in sight, and nothing on the island gives the impression that this is the easternmost edge of teeming, cosmopolitan Japan.
Yet, in the South Indian city of Bangalore, a teeming metropolis where digital technology and ancient customs intertwine, two recent dance festivals reflected India's ancient/contemporary dichotomy.