teeing ground

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the starting place for each hole on a golf course

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In fact, the Rules require us to start play on the teeing ground on every hole.
In stroke play, A player played from outside the teeing ground and his ball came to rest out of bounds.
Break the habit and become more positive on the teeing ground before your shot'.
In stroke play, a player's ball strikes a tree and comes to rest within the teeing ground of the hole being played.
He still would have played outside the teeing ground.
Every hole starts from the teeing ground and finishes on the green.
Eagle Lake offers a completely redesigned B-hole executive golf course; "Mining Adventure," a themed miniature 18-hole golf course; a new clubhouse with a deck that houses a cafe, retail area and special room designated for private parties; and a specially designed driving range featuring 40 stalls for day or night practice, a 400 X 80 foot teeing ground, including 20 covered heating stalls.
We breathe a sigh of relief if our drive clears the shaggy area separating the teeing ground from the fairway.
At the 349-yard eighth, the golfer cannot see even a well-executed second shot until reaching the green, which is located at the same elevation as the previous teeing ground.