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a close-fitting pullover shirt

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Underwear and tee shirts incorporate fabric technology originally developed for NASA, US Special Forces and Olympic Athletes
th] August 2011 where an initial range of 20 different tee shirts will be showcased.
Use a sleeve to make a pocket for another tee shirt.
In his early films, he often extended this idea, using tee shirts to indicate his characters' political views and stylistic habits; as Douglas Kellner noted, the white and black tee shirts worn by a racist Pino and a more open-minded Vito in Do the Right Thing hint at their racial attitudes (78).
Lam and eBay, a global leader in mobile commerce, also announce the addition of the Tee Shirt Dress to the collection, available exclusively through the eBay Fashion iPhone app.
How : Taken straight from the track, the race used tires are ground into a printable material then applied to various apparel items including the Original Burn Rubber (TM) Tee Shirt.
The business model for this franchise has been created to make every franchisee successful, by limiting capital requirements and streamlining back office workload, so that the franchisee's can focus on sales," said Daryl Price, CEO and founder of City Tee Shirt.
a family-owned tee shirt screen printing shop, celebrates its 25thAnniversary this year.
Prices range from $30 for a Short Sleeve Tee Shirt to $60 for the Crewneck Sweatshirt.
Jill, the multi-channel specialty retailer of women's apparel, today announced its "Nature of Compassion" tee shirt design contest to support the J.
Be one of the first to purchase a Steeler "Big Nasty D" tee shirt or towel, and have it autographed by one or all of these players.
The back of the tee shirt is printed in large letters with "For a great vacation, I clicked on Luxury Vacation Mall.
Those who register for the event or make a pledge of $15 will receive a tee shirt.
Package Printing entails the Company providing the tee shirt plus the printing.