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Synonyms for tedium

Synonyms for tedium

the feeling of being bored by something tedious

dullness owing to length or slowness

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The shape of that "something else" will, I hope, emerge over the course of this essay and offer in the exploration of the apparently mundane experience of tedium a counterpoint to my previous article for this journal, on the tragedy of the commoner.
The League Against Tedium cannot be described in any way that pretends to do it justice.
Nixon: The Triumph of a Politician, 1962-1972 The press has lately gone anniversary-mad, making up for the tedium of domestic peace and (relative) prosperity by commemorating such colorful events of the recent past as Woodstock and the Apollo moon landing.
For surgeons, it speeds up the procedure and reduces the tedium of hand suturing - simply squeeze the handle to place a stitch.
With ``Dahlia,'' writer Josh Friedman employs no such discretion, resulting in a tedium that De Palma's fitful visual flourishes cannot overcome.
Introducing the reader to an easy-to-use format consisting of lunch-packing blueprints, menu rotation charts, delightful additions such as jokes, cartoons, quips, and quotes to enhance the child's meal, easy English muffin pizzas, Mexican pinwheels, purple people-eaten dip, fab brownies, and many more exuberant recipes, The Healthy Lunchbox is an ideal guide, very strongly recommended to all parents looking for an effective solution to the general tedium of their children's daily lunch life.
Were that not tedium enough, his drawing/collage style, which an admirer has called "outmoded," is reminiscent of early David Hockney, with too strong a fellow feeling for outsider art.
Over the 40 minutes it took them to peel off and neatly stack their clothes, dress, walk to another point on stage, and repeat the process twice, the audience's attention moved from fascination to tedium and back to delight.
But for every moment of sour laughter, there are huge slabs of tedium.
The text never descends into dryness or the tedium of too much detail.
AFTER a gap of several hours, another list comes along to break the tedium.
In this gritty and partially fictionalized memoir of a conflict so unlike their fathers' war, Herr (who had a hand in the scripts for Platoon and Apocalypse Now) has assembled these dispatches and fashioned a surrealistic account of the tedium, drugs, and body bags, and offers readers an encounter with the war that dislodged this generation.
In seven weeks it'll be the tedium of 24-7 football with our men unable to communicate unless they're screaming at the telly.
He is no less capable of injecting humorous and meaningful anecdotes: Speaking of wives who shelter husbands from "the tedium of domestic affairs" Hoppen recounts how one patriarch, who had fathered sixteen offspring, engaged a small child at a party: "And whose little girl are you?
Comedian Simon Munnery is aiming to banish the winter blues in Coventry with The League Against Tedium.