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Tedium was first performed in June 2001 by Theater Oobleck, a company of writers and players which has been based in Chicago since 1987, even though some of its original members, who met at the University of Michigan, now live elsewhere, as far afield as Los Angeles and Puerto Rico.
Such peaceful tedium must be welcome tonic for a police force we'd all think is consumed by cases of murder, gun crime and muggings.
AFTER several seasons of tedium at the Riverside it seems that Tony Mowbray's young braves are starting to entertain the faithful.
It didn't really prepare me for the tedium of my first job, as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand.
I was third in line and three more customers arrived before our friendly server finally relieved us of the tedium of watching a noisy Greek TV channel (hence the giant satellite 'dish of the day' outdoors).
For brain-sapping tedium it's right up there with the Eurovision Song Contest, The Royal Variety Show and every programme with 'Celebrity' in the title.
Told in Abbott's own words in first-person perspective, Having My Say covers the thrill of reigning as World Champion Muskrat Skinner, the crushing tedium of working on the water for days, rockfishing, enlistment in the National Guard, and much more.
Loaded with good news and fun stuff, is full of ways to distract you from the tedium of work.
In the face and body language of this worker I saw exhaustion, resignation and tedium. I built a frame out of the shop's doorway and sign, and waited for her to spontaneously arrange herself within it.
Involution "is an abstract ballet that examines the flow of energy with the body," say the program notes, but it came across as tedium. Set to a New Age-y soundscape, dancers writhed, convulsed, and behaved as if they were diseased, an effect underscored by their sickly green unitards.
Anybody who is a frequent flier will identify with the various strategies employed by the passengers to deal with the tedium of the anticipated five-and-a-half-hour flight to San Francisco--reading; chatting up seatmates, whether they want to talk or not; knitting; working the New York Times crossword puzzle; sleeping.
Work Less, Live More offers a plethora of relaxed solutions to the melancholy and tedium of every day hard work with clever techniques for finding a suitable and available early semi-retirement plan for anybody.
An analogy between the exhibition and the tedium of quotidian domestic life is (literally) drawn on many of the black columns, which feature at their bases miniature sketches in white felt-tip of a beaked, anthropomorphic figure--the artist, we are told in a wall text, in the guise of a raven--ritualistically killing time with empty activity: ruminatively chewing cereal, smoking a cigarette, and staring at a mirror and a clock.
Even as adults condemned commercialization, they attempted to compensate for the stresses, frustrations, and tedium of their working lives by transforming birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and family vacations into celebrations of childhood.