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in a tedious manner

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It was merely a series of unrelated sketches which, for the most part, were tediously slow and unfunny.
I can be impatiently and tediously pragmatic," Owens told the Los Angeles Times Magazine in 2010, in an interview printed in the book.
Another hot footballer has guested on Inquirer ShowbizLIVE (a week after Graham Caygill visited) and recounted how he met and tediously captured the heart of his ladylove.
Historically, owners and operators tediously adjusted cribbing and jacks until a level plant was achieved.
Much of what they actually do can be tediously repetitive.
I had an odd reaction to reading The New York Times obituary of Willis Carto, the tediously loathsome elder statesman of the American anti-Semitic right.
But Ireland boss Martin O'Neill raved about his performance at Aviva Stadium yesterday - one of the few shining lights in a tediously dull game.
Without the overarching theme of the value of ballet as art, the story drags tediously as similar emotionally unsatisfying situations play out again and again.
We in Birmingham, of course, hold that glorious ebony condiment close to our bacon fat encrusted hearts - or, at least, we did until hard-nosed Heinz moved production of HP Sauce to the Netherlands, a tediously flat nation better known for tulips, bicycles, windmills and a thriving sex industry than culinary treats.
And they soon tired of Biannnnnca's tediously contrived raunchiness.
A royal scandal was averted - but it was done quietly and tediously, rather than dramatically.
Controlled by her father and bound by the desert, Frenenqer Paje's life is tediously the same, until she rescues a boy, but not just any boy--a Free person, a shape-shifter.
But what does this new comedy series have to offer, besides a tediously formulaic title?
A tediously frenetic kung-fu action-comedy about a 19th-century Chinese village under threat from encroaching industrialists, this first installment in a big-budget trilogy starring Olympic gold-winning martial artist Jayden Yuan manages the curious feat of being at once relentlessly energetic and almost continually uninvolving; the title more or less sums up the amount of pleasure to be had here.
It eliminates the need for engineers to tediously model each seam weld connection manually and it offers significant speedups for large welded assemblies.