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in a tedious manner

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Much of what they actually do can be tediously repetitive.
But Ireland boss Martin O'Neill raved about his performance at Aviva Stadium yesterday - one of the few shining lights in a tediously dull game.
We in Birmingham, of course, hold that glorious ebony condiment close to our bacon fat encrusted hearts - or, at least, we did until hard-nosed Heinz moved production of HP Sauce to the Netherlands, a tediously flat nation better known for tulips, bicycles, windmills and a thriving sex industry than culinary treats.
And they soon tired of Biannnnnca's tediously contrived raunchiness.
A royal scandal was averted - but it was done quietly and tediously, rather than dramatically.
Up until his invention, elapsed miles were calculated by tediously counting the revolutions of a rag tied to the spoke of one of the wagon's wheels.
Controlled by her father and bound by the desert, Frenenqer Paje's life is tediously the same, until she rescues a boy, but not just any boy--a Free person, a shape-shifter.
But what does this new comedy series have to offer, besides a tediously formulaic title?
A FEW BEST MEN 96mins 15 British and Australian co-production feels less like a movie and more a tick-list of cheesy gags of the tediously awkward variety.
Journeys of several hours were tediously extended by diversions through residential streets and villages where nobody ever seemed to get on or off.
The textures of Osakwe's collections use tediously detailed, age-old methods, like hand-stitched calabash pieces or a beautiful motif called the "Sun-bebe" that's hand-painted by the queen of the local Ogidi village.
Scott Hintz, the company co-founder and vice president of business development, said 'Since we first launched TripIt for Business, we've been delighted by the stories shared by travel coordinators saving hours each week by no longer having to copy and paste itineraries, or tediously update calendars.
The sudden financial hardship on the soldiers will continue to inconvenience them for weeks until they are reimbursed by the Defense Department through a tediously slow process.
As for me, it will mean that all those hours spent tediously studying form and attending losing days at the races can be applied to following my other favourite sport - synchronised swimming.
Until now, the hassles of maintaining items on the website and making sure all sales transactions are entered in their accounting software have been a tediously manual process," says Lee Honeycutt, CEO of Grand Terra LLC.