teddy boys

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a British youth subculture that first appeared in the 1950s

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Saturday nights with The Shadows on the jukebox, Teddy Boys standing around it trying to look cool.
A Liverpool band called Furious - proper Teddy Boy Rock ''n'' Roll.
ROCKERS Teddy Boys have their own very distinctive sartorial style
They were described as belonging to a gang of Teddy boys and had become a nuisance in the area, taking great delight in baiting young officers.
It takes a look at the days of terraced homes, Teddy boys, children in rags and the great smogs that once engulfed Birmingham.
The era of rock had arrived in Britain and with it fights in cinemas among the Teddy boys.
In 1958, the Teddy Boys and their allies launched a week-long series of neighborhood invasions in Notting Hill, an immigrant slum in the West End of London, seeking to prevent West Indians from gaining employment and social advancement.
A peep at a bygone era - teddy boys, dodgy wallpaper and a mock up of a 1950s living room, among others.
When Laurence Olivier played the title role back in the 1950s, local teddy boys heard of the bloodbath on display at the Stratford Memorial Theatre.
The fight was between two gangs of 1950s-style Teddy Boys, on the car park of Oscott Social Club, Erdington, Birmingham, on Saturday night.
The plays centre around the lives of Phil and Spanky, two wisecracking teenage Teddy Boys, who refuse to knuckle down to the grind of working in the factory's dull slab room.
They belonged to the strain of '60s pop exemplified by Vegas, Nancy Sinatra, and the Hell's Angels, an antipsychedelic death-trip strain of hedonism traceable to England's Teddy Boys and the Mods-vs.
THOUGH Frank Hardy continues to bombard me with criticism he had not disproved my arguments in favour of a separate club for Teddy boys.
Do any other former Teddy boys (or girls) remember the day Jerry Lee Lewis came to town?
It also followed on from the Teddy Boys, skinheads and punk.