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Synonyms for teddy

plaything consisting of a child's toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials)


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a woman's sleeveless undergarment

References in classic literature ?
He stole off to Teddy's bath-room, but there was nothing there, and then to Teddy's mother's bathroom.
Then Teddy's mother came in with a very white face, and saw what was left of Nag, and Rikki-tikki dragged himself to Teddy's bedroom and spent half the rest of the night shaking himself tenderly to find out whether he really was broken into forty pieces, as he fancied.
Teddy and his mother and father were there at early breakfast, but Rikki-tikki saw that they were not eating anything.
Teddy's eyes were fixed on his father, and all his father could do was to whisper, "Sit still, Teddy.
Rikki-tikki saw Teddy's father shoot out a big hand, catch Teddy by the shoulder, and drag him across the little table with the tea-cups, safe and out of reach of Nagaina.
Nagaina saw that she had lost her chance of killing Teddy, and the egg lay between Rikki-tikki's paws.
When Rikki got to the house, Teddy and Teddy's mother (she looked very white still, for she had been fainting) and Teddy's father came out and almost cried over him; and that night he ate all that was given him till he could eat no more, and went to bed on Teddy's shoulder, where Teddy's mother saw him when she came to look late at night.
"He saved our lives and Teddy's life," she said to her husband.
"But what killed all the people, uncle?" asked Teddy.
"But 'OW did the people get killed?" asked Teddy presently.
There wasn't any business doin', Teddy, there wasn't any money about, and nothin' to buy if you 'ad it."
I saw free pig-stealers 'ung before I was six," said Teddy. "Father took me because of my birfday being near.
"Well, this 'ere Purple Death,--it jes' wiped people out, Teddy. You couldn't bury 'em.
| Teddy went missing near Holyhead l f Apart from a couple of potential sightings reported to the grandmother via Facebook, the much loved cuddly has disappeared without trace.
"Well done to everyone who competed in the teddy races and entered their teddies into the best in show competition, and thank you to the parks team for making the day such a success."