tectonic movement

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movement resulting from or causing deformation of the earth's crust

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In the south of the Argolis Peninsula near Porto Kheli, subsidence appears to have occurred at a rate of about 1 mm per year for the last few thousand years (Flemming 1978) but just to the north, at the Franchthi site, little tectonic movement appears to have occurred if the van Andel & Lianos (1983) estimate of Last Glacial Maximum sea-level of about -120 m is correct.
Using radiocarbon dating of offset river sediments and collapsed hill-slope deposits, the research team managed to separate several episodes of tectonic movement on this major fault and pin the dates of the two quakes, about 7 centuries apart.
In the case of Mars, the scientists have not been able to confirm tectonic movement in its crust at any point, but they believe that a large meteorite crashed into its primitive sea.
He also explains the science of tectonic movement and of hydrothermal vents.
Peters and colleague Bjarte Hannisdal, of the University of Bergen in Norway analysed fossil data from the Paleobiology Database along with paleoenvironmental proxy records and data on the rock record that link to ancient global climates, tectonic movement, continental flooding, and changes in biogeochemistry, particularly with respect to oxygen, carbon, and sulfur cycles.
Could it have been due to tectonic movement instead?
Stegman, who developed the computer models that helped the team reenact tens of millions of years of tectonic movement, said: "The scalings for how subducted plates sink in the earth's mantle are based on essentially the same fluid dynamics that describe how a penny sinks through a jar of honey.
He and others speculate that plate tectonic movement may be involved.
The stress sparking these quakes comes from tectonic movement of the seafloor in the region.
A reexamination of tectonic movements 200 million years ago suggests that the supercontinent was pulled apart by the shrinking of the precursor to the modern Indian Ocean.
The project site at Barakah is carefully chosen and is protected from any kind of problems like tsunami or tectonic movements.
The morphology comparison of static model and fields of Yazd-Ardekan shows that the origin of the seams and gaps in the fields of Yazd-ardekan is more focus on the tectonic movements as the subsidence which is resulted in water-laden from the groundwater aquifer, is not as much as size to be created at the levels of seams with such features.
One reason for grain size variability may be tectonic movements, as intense tectonic events occurred at the western borders of the Baltica Plate during the Upper Ordovician.
Stevens further explained that this led them to discover a previously unknown interaction between plate tectonic movements in America and dramatic changes in global temperature and the intensified monsoons created a positive feedback cycle, promoting more global cooling, more sea ice and even stronger precipitation, culminating in the spread of huge glaciers across the Northern Hemisphere.
This not only allows determining the developmental tendencies pertaining to the earth's crust but also settling a number of other issues related to recent tectonic movements and seismic tectonics (Zakarevicius 1994, 2003; Fukahata et al.