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dislike for new technology

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That said, I view the changing tides in the YA dystopian sea--the absence of sensawunda, the technophobia and anti-modernity, the protagonists' reduced ambitions--with sober attention.
The enthusiasm and fascination with the technology of film was accompanied by an underlying skepticism and technophobia.
Bradbury's expressions of apparent technophobia are in fact thematically broader concerns about the expression of human desire within sf contexts or the suppression of that desire in the same context.
Technophilia and technophobia alike pervade museums, galleries, and art-fair booths; the language of new media and social media-platform, network, algorithm, sharing-abounds in press releases and exhibition titles, slaking our thirst for 1960s-cwra-'90s cyber-euphoria.
Apart from the basic soccer grounded material - mostly in the second half, which also requires a more crafted conclusion - the production gives carte blanche for funny man Stan to vent his feelings on such diverse matters as rubbish recycling, mobile phones (and technophobia in general), plus the plight of two middle aged blokes whose wives have already left them.
Over the past months, we've discussed how advisors kill their reputations by becoming sales narcissists or black hat tricksters or succumb to greed, disorganization or technophobia.
Well, unless you suffer from Technophobia, Self Study Apps has come up with a new way to conquer your irrational fears.
They flee a declining Earth rife with dictatorship and technophobia to found a new society on a new world.
capabilities; and Technophobia, a developer of next generation web
Technophobia isn't so much fear of technology as fear of myself.
The Holy See's communications operation is suffering from "muddled messaging" partly as a result of cardinals' technophobia and ignorance about 21st century communications.
But for the better part of a decade, those products represented the culmination of LAC's digitization efforts, as the institution retreated ever further into technophobia.
London, Oct 14 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that the fear of technology or technophobia could be determined before a person is even born, when they are still in the womb.
Confessions of an Amicus Curiae: Technophobia, Law, and Creativity in
17) Pathologists are responsive to the extensive evidence that synoptic reporting offers more consistently complete reporting, reduces the need for callback inquiries in search of missing information, and results in improved clinician satisfaction with a more easily and fully comprehended report, (18-20) but generating the motivation for change requires a catalyst or added incentive, at times, to overcome the rigidity of age, technophobia, or inertia.