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enthusiasm for new technology

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However, it is also deeply imbued with the country's love affair with technology, to the point where the technophilia encourages serious strategic misassessment.
Technophilia and nature religion: the growth of a paradox.
We see backbreaking, primitive manual labour in dangerous, miserable conditions, stark refutation to the Panglossian technophilia of contemporary bourgeois ideology.
He has unbridled contempt for a great many contemporary things: psychoanalysis and the "delirious egotism" which it breeds in its patients (102); hyperbolic consumption and brand-goods fetishism; an unreflective technophilia, especially vis-a-vis the IT industry; the proliferation of the "systems/company man" syndrome; euthanasia; feminism; and on and on.
From Technophobia to Technophilia Conference takes place May 19-22, 2005.
This is a key question for architects engaged in hospital design in the UK, where a combination of technophilia and response to short-term clinical fashion has for decades resulted in too many hospitals resembling rambling horizontal oilrigs rather than places of peace and healing.
JARI NIEMI, "Theories of Technology: Between Technophobia and Technophilia.
This middle-of-the-road approach is needed to avoid the extremities of technophilia and technophobia.
Some cultural commentators, noting the technophilia of young people and the technophobia of those a generation or two removed, have proposed that the current generation of young people knows more than their parents and grandparents and, in an astonishing turnaround from centuries of family relationships, have little use for their elders.
Let us be charitable and assume that agitation about "the digital divide" is not motivated by the kind of technophilia that says putting computers into under-funded inner city schools is a panacea.
Mr Crabtree said, "This is the strangest mix of technophilia and technophobia.
In 1997, Ullman wrote Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents, a memoir about her forays into technology.
The first principle of the recent "Technorealism Manifesto," a statement of modest scepticism about our reigning technophilia, gets the matter right.
24) At the other end of the temperamental spectrum is the utilitarian technophilia of the Bolsheviks who, in the words of the eyewimess Rene Fuelopp-Miller, encouraged people to "labour to become like the machine and finally to be absorbed into bliss in a structure of driving-belts, pistons, valves, and fly-wheels.
The challenge is finding the balance between conservatism and technophilia