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technology have resulted not from professional operations under the control or direction of the MSS [Ministry of State Security] or MID [Military Intelligence Department of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army], but as part of commercial, scientific, and academic interactions between the United States and the PRC."
For technology activities such as introducing new software, one or two students can learn it and then discreetly instruct peers over a period of time (Potter, 2000).
Overall implementation effectiveness and ROI on technology investments depend on end-user buy-in and the extent to which the application performs as promised across the enterprise and within new or expanding departments or divisions.
The example of hybrid engines shows that integrating customer-oriented technology management into a company's overall strategy is decisive.
In fairness to the requirements community, they are usually not sufficiently knowledgeable about the technology options available to define the specific materiel solution.
But there are other questions which can be discussed, for instance, the destruction of the environment which modern technology is causing.
"Our managers look at the technology as the only solution to the puzzle of providing better, faster service and reducing costs in their own operations--technology is the most important answer to that formula" said Fred Prassas, the new IREM president and former technology chair.
Department of Education's Office of Educational Technology, echoed Papert's sentiments last June in a separate interview.
NEC LCD Technologies will expand sales promotion of its line-up of LCDs adopting UA-SFT technology to a variety of industries requiring higher picture quality, and will continue to develop and promote top-of-the-line TFT LCD modules that respond to the emerging needs of a variety of industrial fields.
Anthony Welch, Modern Technology Corp.'s Chairman, said, "Our plans and growth initiatives continued unabated.
As the HPC users understand, 4Gb/s Fibre Channel technology will provide nearly twice the throughput through a single channel as the current 2Gb/s technology.
* Provide IT section members and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) credential holders with resources to help them enhance their competency and allow them to share best practices.
They see their constituents as customers with needs to satisfy, though they must sometimes be the ones to help convince those customers of the appropriate technology that will meet their needs.
Unfortunately, passwords also are one of the weakest forms of authentication technology and users themselves are typically at the root of this weakness.
Senior management from leading organizations in the United States and in Europe are beginning to foster environments where business and technology are working as one.
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