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RAJAJI: Absolutely, because finance and technology felt they were part of the team, and the business unit people didn't feel that whatever they said would be immediately used against them.
And just having an information systems person walking around helped escalate the knowledge level about information technology and what resources were available to the other product managers, customer service people and business managers.
But the increasing complexity of technology, the rising costs of R&D, and the need to integrate new technology quickly to obtain maximum advantage have made it nearly impossible for companies to develop internally all the technology they need.
Since development and perfection of technology is one of the most time-consuming parts of product development, outsourcing key technology can dramatically cut lead time.
This type of service is included in rehabilitation technology because it often involves an evaluation for, and prescription of, an electronic augmentative communication device.
This area of rehabilitation technology is where one would most likely find people with traditional engineering degrees (industrial, mechanical, electrical).
100-407, the TechnologyRelated Assistance for Individuals Act of 1988 defined assistive technology in a broad sense, encompassing virtually anything that can be used to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities.
Televerde shares Microsoft's vision to strongly support education and training in high technology to create a more motivated and productive workforce that will help local businesses prosper with a socially-conscious strategy.
Its technology insertion processes are not the only ones in defense, but the office does what most others do not--it focuses on joint needs and capabilities, spanning more than one Service or agency.
However, this approach does not absolve teachers from their professional responsibility to learn and update their computer technology skills.
In fairness to the requirements community, they are usually not sufficiently knowledgeable about the technology options available to define the specific materiel solution.
During the last year, the AF & PA's Chief Technology Officers Committee, which oversees Agenda 2020, has worked with the U.
EZPass, Gillette and Wal-Mart pioneered this technology in transportation and consumer goods.
When Director of Technology Patrick Plant heard Anoka-Hennepin had been given this award, he joked that the district had won for "best use of obsolete technology.
It is difficult enough for CPAs to keep up with tax changes, much less technology changes.
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