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For registration as professional engineering technologist, the candidate will require 5 years of experience in the relevant technology discipline and will produce photocopy of HEC-attested degree and transcript along with experience certificates.
Under this process, a registration number will be allocated to each eligible technologist and Registration Certificate will also be issued.
ISLAMABAD: The National Technology Council (NTC) has started the registration of graduate and professional engineering technologists.
The grant will also facilitate in-service training on proper cart-to-table transfers, wheelchair-to-bed transfers and gait-belt transfers, as well as the purchase of Safety Essentials continuing education modules for radiologic technologist staff members.
Rubber Technologists Network is an organization of rubber technologists founded by TechnoBiz and Rubber World in March to exchange information on rubber technology.
At last year's LMA Tech Conference West in San Francisco, Allen Matkins' Chief Marketing and Client Services Officer Adam Stock gave a keynote speech on essential technologies for law firm marketers, during which he touched on the role of a chief marketing technologist.
Certification generally requires a mixture of education and experience, so you'll work as a food technologist prior to obtaining a certification.
Keywords: radiation protection practices, biological effects, radiation exposure, radiologic technologist
For more information about the career of anesthesia technologist and the education and training it requires, here are some places to turn.
Janita Patel joins Ashbury having held a number of Specification Technologist and Technical Support Coordinator positions, including roles at Buckingham Foods, Noon Products and Greencore.
Is the shrinking pool of medical technologists at least fractionally due to the explosion of this technology and need for highly skilled workers?
This will be my last technical update for the CANNT Journal as the Technologist VP of CANNT.
Once volunteers give blood, a medical technologist screens the blood to determine the blood type and to make sure it's free of infectious diseases.
R), a technologist at Brigham for 18 months, described the main benefit of NRTW.
The chief nuclear medicine technologist at a health care facility challenged a board-certified medical physicist after the physicist obtained a sample of Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) to be used for a shielding integrity survey at the facility.
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