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an expert who is a member of a highly skilled elite group

an advocate of technocracy

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AN influential part of the country's ruling elite has preferred for obvious reasons governing via so-called technocrats rather than members of the elected parliament who are answerable to the people.
There should be a mechanism to identify and link the technocrats within the PTI with the leadership in a non-partisan manner.
The technocrats' work couldn't keep up with the looting of the country's assets.
Technocrats are so liberal in granting incentives to rich businesspeople, but are tight-fisted when it comes to providing
On general seat the number of valid votes were 291 while on technocrat seat the number of valid votes were
Whereas, Mohammad Tahir Bizenjo (National Party) and Naseeb Ullah Bazai (independent) were elected on Technocrats seats.
A total of 33 candidates will contest the Senate polls from Sindh, of which 18 will contest for General seats, six each for seats reserved for Technocrats and Women, and three for a seat reserved for minorities.
According to Okaz, these measures are in line with the formation of a technocrat government.
The head of Romania's central bank has said that a technocrat government should have a limited mandate.
As per Article 59(1-e) there are 4 Technocrat seats including ulema from each province and 1 from Islamabad.
Most Italians breathed a collective sigh of relief that three-time Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is being replaced by a technocrat par excellence, former European Commissioner Mario Monti, a respected economist.
Summary: Technocrat and economist known as "Super Mario" tasked with turning around debt-wracked Italian economy.
NNA - 26/5/2011 - Lebanese Forces Executive Body head, Samir Geagea, renewed on Thursday the call to form a technocrat government to address people's pending issues 'until a better political situation prevails.' 'We do not propose the formation of a technocrat government because we disregard the other camp's right to line up a political cabinet, but to compensate this camp's inability to form such a government,' he explained.
An Egyptian official said that Egypt will push forward to help these talks succeed and form a technocrat government between Fatah and Hamas, whose members will be agreed on by both parties.
If it is difficult to satisfy the groups that make up the political class in Lebanon with regard to the division of shares, let a technocrat government be formed to run affairs until the politicians agree on an equal participation in the government and administration."