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technical jargon from computing and other high-tech subjects

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Save the technobabble of logistics for conversations among sustainers in the tactical operations center.
Barry, Technobabble (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1991).
As a way to assist the young and unfamiliar retirement planner along their quest to a secure financial future, Torrid Technologies is offering each new millennial that subscribes to the Individual or Couples edition, access to their Financial Technobabble Translation Guide - a guide to decipher all of the financial terms that most people don't understand (Including how this helps you avoid making costly money mistakes).
TECHNOBABBLE, THE CROWN, MIDDLESBROUGH TECHNOBABBLE is a brand new club event with several DJs and live performances, all playing Techno which launches on Friday, April 25 at The Crown, Middlesbrough.
This is explained away via technobabble: by contrast, ageing and physical change are not textually acknowledged in 'The Two Doctors', 'The Three Doctors' or 'The Five Doctors', despite the fact that William Hartnell's participation in 'The Three Doctors' was curtailed by ill-health, and the role of the first Doctor was recast for 'The Five Doctors' due to his death in 1975.
"Though technobabble trips off everyone's tongues, Grant is most interested in the ethical implications of that technology, so advanced it really is indistinguishable from magic.
In my view, one of the greatest failings of engineering is its inability to clearly express its objectives to the general public, without swamping them in 'technobabble'.
One quickly realizes that the novel's "science"--incarnated in bits of technobabble like "In scientific terms, what will happen is the instantaneous scattering of all matter at a quantum level.
London, January 23 ( ANI ): Compared to comprehending the latest tech jargon - or technobabble - most adults find understanding foreign languages a relative doddle, researchers say.
And Whedon, to his credit, gives his actors the space to inhabit their characters without getting bogged down in sci-fi technobabble or needless exposition.
Here's the headline that had us fooled for the first few words: "Coolcentric Announces Sidecar--A Passive In-Row Heat Exchanger for Rack Densities up to 40kW." So you can see how it got our hopes up, only to dash them with all the technobabble on the back end.
"This is great, but if I just had ..." A sentiment that keeps us buying the next generation of technobabble shooting gear.
More cynical readers might be tempted to suspect Deasy's deep ties to monopolistic software moguls like Bill Gates and technobabble charlatans like Tom Vander Ark as possible explanations for his intentional razing of school libraries in favor of profitable, but income exclusive, ebooks.