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a trademarked method of making color motion pictures

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Gwledd Conwy is also hosting Blinc Digital Arts Festival over the weekend and lights on the 13th century castle and town walls have been technicoloured.
Technicoloured, Jason Guriel's debut, had a single theme but belaboured it past its shelf life.
Back in Blighty, Birds Eye was reportedly ready to unleash Rainbow Peas, with the technicoloured veg set to win over kids reluctant to eat their greens in the usual colour.
As you come into land over the rainbows sweeping like technicoloured curtains through the powerful spray of the wondrous Victoria Falls, you won't be asking "why" any more.
Philip Donnelan, Isaac Julien, Vanley Burke and Horace Ove variously explore the black immigrant experience in Britain from the 1960s onwards, and later versions of the 'fly on the wall' approach deglamorize and deobjectify the 1930s working-class hero in Paul Watson and Franc Roddam's documentary The Family (1974) as in Martin Parr's photographs of New Brighton, The Last Resort (1983-86), which manage to be both garishly technicoloured and numbingly bleak.
These include snatched moments with a variety of technicoloured fish, hammerhead sharks and other exotic creatures found in the waters that surround the islands; portraits of sunbathing iguanas and ancient tortoises; the strange blue-footed boobies, vermillion flycatchers and the larger birds of prey that dominate the air; and, finally, a section devoted to the abstract and beautiful volcanic landscape that characterises the Galapagos.
The story is a modern-day version of the Old Testament's Joseph (he of the technicoloured dreamcoat), though I wouldn't have picked it.
The contrasts in her nature were technicoloured and violent.
Nobody seems to be concentrating on the video, instead every violent, technicoloured incident seems to remind someone of a violent incident involving themselves or friends.
I was faultless in transit, job well done, until I next appeared before Mrs L with the left side of my face technicoloured by bright orange stains.
Take that, Joseph and your technicoloured clobber NB: Coats, PS120 each, M&S CAT NAPPING Fact: there is not a cat in the world that can resist an open suitcase.
It was Abby's technicoloured wallpaper and cushion designs that were picked out by WGSN.
If, like me, you drooled over their technicoloured pencil skirts and tees but winced at the price tag, then you'll love their latest collection for Debenhams, which has just hit stores.
Inspired "She looked as though you could take a spoon and scoop her off the Technicoloured screen and eat her.
Add to this technicoloured fantasy the current passion for line dancing and other genres and you can begin to see where Margaret McGowan is coming from in this fascinating and well researched book.