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a trademarked method of making color motion pictures

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J is for Joseph, BBC1's search for someone man enough to wear the technicoloured coat.
The Joseph And His Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat star was left with a very different coating of many colours after getting covered in the foul goo.
The story is a modern-day version of the Old Testament's Joseph (he of the technicoloured dreamcoat), though I wouldn't have picked it.
The contrasts in her nature were technicoloured and violent.
Nobody seems to be concentrating on the video, instead every violent, technicoloured incident seems to remind someone of a violent incident involving themselves or friends.
In addition to the thrill-seeking obstacles, the walls of the cavern feature technicoloured lights which illuminate the subterranean background with vibrant colours.
The Psychedelic Bank Holiday Trip Lab 11 Sunday - PS12 (PS5 afterparty) GLAS will present a marathon day of psychedelic pleasures that could either help you unwind or see your weekend o with a technicoloured bang.
It's not the most relaxing of places (and nor, as a sports bar, should it aim to be) and with the combination of the noise and the bountiful flat screens I expect it would be great for a match but the technicoloured blinking of the arcade machine takes a little getting used to if you're just in for a bite to eat.
Take that, Joseph and your technicoloured clobber NB: Coats, PS120 each, M&S CAT NAPPING Fact: there is not a cat in the world that can resist an open suitcase.
Conversely Lesotho should do the same for its technicoloured lowlands and challenging highland hiking country; with South Africa's proximity thrown in.
It was Abby's technicoloured wallpaper and cushion designs that were picked out by WGSN.
If, like me, you drooled over their technicoloured pencil skirts and tees but winced at the price tag, then you'll love their latest collection for Debenhams, which has just hit stores.
What I didn't reckon on was the unveiling of a film showing the poor woman's dying moments in glorious technicoloured close up.
The singer was souled on this technicoloured creation to strut her stuff at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York in February.
He spent hours cycling, taking in the technicoloured spectacle of life at its most extreme - even after the Japanese invastion of Nanking in 1937.