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any of several herbs of the genus Dipsacus native to the Old World having flower heads surrounded by spiny bracts

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This thistle-like flowerhead - called by the experts locally the "teazle" - is still used today to give fine cloth a wonderful velvety surface.
The company had a factory at Carr Pitt Road, Moldgreen, that could process 200,000 teazles a week.
THISTLE-like teazles - or teasels - were used in their thousands to "raise the nap" on fine cloth and give it a velvety surface.
The way in which different castings throw the balance of the play is not explored although this is clearly the case in the stage history of The School for Scandal in which, as Worth rightly maintains, the central characters are the members of the Surface family, particularly Joseph; in the hands of actor-managers such as Squire and Marie Bancroft at the St James's Theatre and Herbert Beerbohm Tree and Marie Lohr at His Majesty's the Teazles gained a prominence not envisaged by Sheridan.
This brevity is to be found in several other entrance comments, some others of which simply indicate "A Hall in Sir Peter Teazles House" (beginning of 1.2) or "a Parlour in Charles's House" (beginning of 3.2) While these scenes contribute to the play's comic overtones by highlighting the main themes, it is the situation-based "discovery" scenes--whose effectiveness hinges upon a more heightened interplay of actions and reactions--that reveal the contrasting characters of Joseph and Charles Surface.
Not surprisingly, Lamb long ago found the Slanderers much more amusing than the Teazles, as he recalls that "delicious scene that gives the play its name and its zest" (139).