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Synonyms for teasing

the act of harassing someone playfully or maliciously (especially by ridicule)

playful vexation

the act of removing tangles from you hair with a comb


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playfully vexing (especially by ridicule)

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arousing sexual desire without intending to satisfy it

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"But we can say weight-based teasing was significantly linked with weight gain over time," she added.
The agriculture department students said that the lecturer was allegedly involved in teasing the department girls.
The acting president of traders' body Sher Muhammad, general secretary Ghulam Muhammad and others while speaking on the occasion said the Timergara administration officers were teasing shopkeepers one way or the other.
Associations of weight-based teasing and emotional well-being among adolescents.
A police officer told INDIA TODAY that in Haryana, there is a tendency not to report the cases of eve- teasing .
The results revealed that the prevalence of teasing among CLP patients in the past was 51.8% but after/ during treatment, it reduced to 32.5%.
The participants then completed the 8-item Attitude Toward Teasing (ATT) measure ([alpha] = .76; example statement: I think all kinds of teases are mean), using the same 5-point agreement scale, with higher scores reflecting a more negative attitude toward teasing.
Usually, eve teasing is explained as unwanted sexual conduct that happens in public places.
In fact, in England I'd go as far as to say it's a way of life or a national pastime, and something we cherish and to a certain extent encourage - we even have newspapers, radio shows and TV programmes that focus entirely on teasing celebrities, politicians and the like.
It's unnatural for me and the kids tease me about it.' 'If somebody is teasing you, you need to bring it to the disciplinarian's attention.' 'But that's only part of it!
Marie-Lise, 13 TEASING someone on Facebook (or other social networks) can be classed as bullying if done repeatedly and in a vicious way.
Teasing girls and young women about their weight may contribute to the development of disturbed eating and even eating disorders, according to a study in the March AJPH.
I know I've probably lost friends because of this, but why can't people see that their teasing really hurts?
Animal bites can happen if your child is teasing or playing boisterously with a domestic pet, usually a cat or a dog.