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Synonyms for teaser

a worker who teases wool

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someone given to teasing (as by mocking or stirring curiosity)

an advertisement that offers something free in order to arouse customers' interest

a particularly baffling problem that is said to have a correct solution

an attention-getting opening presented at the start of a television show

a flat at each side of the stage to prevent the audience from seeing into the wings

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a device for teasing wool

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In the teaser, he can be seen singing 'Koi Na Koi Chahiye Pyar Karne Wala' song from Shah Rukh Khan's 1992 film 'Deewana' as he rides a motorbike wearing a cap.
According to the teaser, the film may release in time for Eid ul Azha.
We see Daenerys telling Jon, "The dead are already here," as they presumably prepare to make out, and then the teaser closes with an open-mouthed Brienne (who appears to have had access to shockingly good dental care in Westeros) shouting, "Stand your ground."
The teaser could be a possible revelation on what happened after the army of White Walkers charged into the castle.
The title song has been played in the backdrop which sets the mood for the whole teaser. The cast also gets to show off their dance moves to this track which will have you up and on your feet in no time.
Looking at the 'Super Bright' teaser one can safely assume that a significant improvement in this feature also.
The short teaser video features close-ups of the new model's radiator grill, lights, wheel rims, steering wheel and dash.
The llama looks to be a new skin, and the season 4 teaser revealed skins that became part of the battle pass, so it's reasonable to suppose that the llama DJ will do so too.
From real to reel-former couple Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino have reunited in the teaser of their comeback film as a loveteam, 'Exes Baggage.'
KARACHI -- Filmwala Pictures is back with a bang with its teaser for upcoming social comedy film / family drama 'Load Wedding' releasing on Eid ul Azha.
Finally, the anticipated movie's first teaser is out and has created waves everywhere.
Recently the makers of the 'Zero' released the second teaser of the film featuring Salman Khan.
KARACHI -- Momina and Duraid Films and Hum Films have officially released the first teaser of the much anticipated film 'Parwaz Hai Junoon', a glorious tribute to the Pakistani Airforce.
ISLAMABAD -- The teaser of Teefa in Trouble was released at the opening the ceremony of Pakistan Super League (PSL) third season and the fans loving the teaser.
H1: A higher intensity of controversy or reach in a news teaser will prompt more clicks than will lower intensities of controversy or reach.